US Visa requirements

Because of such cultural diversity and a stable economy United States or the US sees huge influx for foreigners applying to the United States. There are several categories of visas from which to choose from and there are different US visa requirements along with them. The two major categories are the immigrant and the non-immigrant visas.Several visas come under the immigration visa category. All of these visas have particularly strict US visa requirements.

وزٹ  امریکہ کی مکمل معلومات  اردو  ویڈیو میں

US visa under the immigrations
visa categories includes a point based evaluation procedure. It takes into account a person’s age, his nationality, and his level of understanding English and last but not the least his net worth. The US under this category is pretty strict and the time taken in the process is also very a lot. The green card scheme which is well known among many who want to immigrate to the US takes around seven to ten years on the average and in between these ten years there are also many things to be taken care of.

US visit visa requirements – visit visa
US visa requirements for non immigrants are bit relaxed and the categories from which to choose from are also huge. The main visas applied for are the visit visa and the student visa. Non immigration work visa is also applied for but not in numbers comparable to visit or student visas. US visa requirements for visit are simple and the application process is also easy.

It is not time taking at all. You submit the visa application and within a month you will be called for an interview. Documents needed to fulfill the US visa requirements for visit are not that many. The visa application form along with your passport and sponsors letter with the proof that you will come back are enough to make you acquire a visit visa.

US visa requirements – study visa
US visa for students is a bit more complicated. In addition to the documents needed for a visit visa you require an acceptance letter from the institution you want to go in and you have to fulfill points in the US visa requirements related to your financial condition. Students can also extend their stay under this visa category but this again has more requirements for visa to fulfill and there is a chance that your application may be rejected.

US visa requirements – non immigrant work visa
This visa can be applied for if a US employer sponsors you to work in the United States for specific time. The US visa requirements for this category are that you should have a valid invitation letter from the employer who is legally allowed to hire foreign labour. In addition to these US visa requirements a successful interview is also needed to help you with the visa acceptance procedure.

If you are applying for any of the above visas check the in depth US visa requirements as the application procedure requires you to pay a processing fee which is non refundable . Your application is rejected immediately if any of the US visa requirements is not fulfilled. Go through the official website and check the requirements in detail or better consult someone who is a professional in US visa policies for completion of US visa requirements.

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