UAE visit visa for Pakistanis

After the exploration of oil and gas reserves in the United Arab Emirates or commonly called UAE it has developed economically and culturally by leaps and bounds. Its job market is always in need of skilled and unskilled labour.Its cities are filled with high rise buildings.Tourists have also been attracted to the desert sceneries which its government has filled with fun filled and adventurous activities.

وزٹ دوبئی کی مکمل معلومات  اردو  ویڈیو کے ساتھ

Like numerous other countries Pakistanishave also started to think of settling or at
least visiting the UAE either for pleasure or business. The UAE visit visa for Pakistanis is not different from the visit visa for different Muslim countries. Yes some countries are exempted from the complete visa application process as they are granted visa on any of the UAE airport but there is a proper procedure for UAE visit visa for Pakistanis.

Below are some requirements which should be taken care of
The foremost requirement is the presence of a sponsor in UAE. A sponsor is a person living in UAE. He acts as a guarantee that the Pakistani coming to UAE will return to Pakistan after the expiration of his or her visit visa. Policies for UAE visit visa for Pakistanis are similar to the policies for visit of any other citizen who has to apply for a UAE visit visa.

There are three types of sponsors.
UAE visit visa for Pakistanis – hotels
Hotels can sponsor any Pakistani who wants to visit UAE. The procedure requires a person to book a hotel room for at least a day or two and request the hotel to sponsor UAE visit visa for Pakistanis. The chances for acceptance is increased greatly if the person books a tour from the same hotel and attaches the documents of the tour booking.

UAE visit visa for Pakistanis – airlines
Airlines can also apply on behalf of their crew for UAE visit visa for Pakistanis but this visa is only valid for 96 hours. During this time period the crew is free to move anywhere in the UAE.

UAE visit visa for Pakistanis – individuals
Relatives or friends who are residing in the UAE can also sponsor UAE visit visa for Pakistanis on your behalf. The sponsor has to declare that he or she has the proper resources to entertain the relatives or friends who are coming to visit UAE.

These three sponsored UAE visit visas for Pakistanis have a 30 day validity period. This UAE visit visa for Pakistanis can be extended to sixty days or to ninety days in some conditions but not more than that. This visa cannot be transferred to any other person. If you do not return to Pakistan in the stipulated time there is an additional per day fine which you would have to pay when you will exit UAE.

The application process is pretty simple and does not take much time to process. The average time for the processing of UAE visit visa for Pakistanis is around fifteen to twenty days. The documents required are the individuals passport, some colored photographs and the sponsors letter or any other form of guarantee from the sponsor in general. If you want to apply for UAE visit visa for Pakistanis you can consult their official website.


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