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UK is one of the top countries where people want to go for study purpose. There are so many popular universities and colleges from where many students want to be graduated. Applicant has to prove his/her eligibility academically and financially to get student visa for UK.If you are capable to afford the expenses of university, college, residence then it will be easy for you to get student visa for UK.Student has to be proficient in speaking, listening and writing English in order to get study visa for UK.

Students have to pass the IELTS test if English is their second language. If applicant has any previous immigration history to UK or Australia then I can be a pus point to get study visa for UK. It is also very essential to pass medical test from the hospital assigned by embassy. Students also need to get medically insured by the OSHC before they apply for student visa.

Applicant should have all the necessary information regarding visa process. They also need to know and understand the rules and regulations of student visa set by the British government. You can also hire a consultant to help you in this regard. There are so many professionals who are working as visa agents or consultants. They charge some fee and guide you throughout the visa process. They also guide you about your eligibility for UK student visa. Visa immigration specialists deal such kind of cases at daily basis. They are professionals and can guide in a better way.

Another option is to contact the British embassy located in your country. You can call at immigration help line or can directly go there to get complete information about visa application. They will guide you that how you can apply for student visa for UK. After applying for visa you will get response from immigration office within 24 hours with the status of your application. They keep updating visa status on their official website. You can check there whenever you want. When you apply for visa in embassy, you have to pay a non refundable fee of $ 450 or little more or less.
Rules and regulations of visa are very important in any country so you need to follow all the rules after getting visa. You can be in trouble if you will not follow the restrictions of visa policy.

Most of all your attendance is very much important. You will have to suffer a lot if you will compromise on your attendance. Every university and college sends attendance report of every non national student to their embassy at weekly basis.
Attendance below 80% can cause many problems for you including cancellation of your visa. If you are really ill and cannot attend classes then you must submit a copy of your medical attested by your doctor to the immigration office and university/college.

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