Study Visa for Germany


Students who want to study in Germany need to apply for study visa. Get all the necessary information about required documents and process. Here I am explaining you’re the process you need to follow to get the study visa for Germany.

Checklist for study visa for Germany
Submit your provision early enough in light of the fact that visa preparing can take numerous months and you won't have the capacity to enter the nation without a good visa.

Keep in view that language visas and tourists visas can't be changed over into study visa.

Make sure that you have sufficient time for enrollment and administrative formalities after entering the Germany.

Enrolment is an essential for acquiring the permit for stay in Germany for study purpose.

Make beyond any doubt that your passport and visa remains valid until the course is finished. Assuming that if your visa lapses while you are in Germany, you will be forced to come back to your home nation to expend your passport validation there.

Stay permit for Germany
The given below rules applies to all non national students of Germany who are not natives of Eu states or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland: If your study program might as well last more drawn out than 90 days, you should request a permit to stay where you are currently staying for studies purpose.

You must have all the following documents when applying for stay permit in Germany in order to complete your study course.
You must have to submit the affirmation of enlistment from the office of your resident registration.
You must have to provide the evidence of health insurance.
You must have to submit your student ID and enrollment record issued by the German institute where you are studying.
You must have to provide the financial proof that you can bear all the expenses of your studies and stay in Germany.
You must have to submit a copy of valid passport and visa.
You must have to submit your health certificate.
Also provide you passport size photos.

Pay the fee for residence permit that you are applying for. You can contact to the registration office to get all the information about current fee charges for stay permit.

After submission of all correct documents, wait for the process to complete. You will get the residence permit for 2 years to complete your studies. You can also extend your visa if you want. You can extend your stay permit just in order to complete your studies. For this purpose you have to submit all details of your remaining course. Apply for stay permit extension before its expiry date.

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