Student Visa for New Zealand


Non national students who want to study in New Zealand should be eligible to get a student visa. Get all the information to ensure your eligibility. You can’t contact to local embassy of New Zealand location in your country to get the accurate information on how to apply for student visa for New Zealand.You have to meet the following criteria to be eligible for student visa for New Zealand You need to apply for admission to any institute in Near Zealand.

You will get an approval letter from institute after being accepted.Approval letter includes the details of course and time limit of course.That institute must be registered by the government of New Zealand and should have permission to enroll the non national students.
You must pass the health test to get the student visa according to the immigration rules of New Zealand.You need to prove the proof that you are capable to bear all the expenses of your studies and stay in near Zealand.You also need to ensure that you will leave New Zealand and will go back to your country when your course will be finished.

You need to show the enough finds to purchase the travel tickets.
You need to have a valid passport. Expiry of your passport should be 3 months past to your expiry date of visa.

Ensure support funds
You need to ensure that you can have enough funds to spend for your tutu ion fee and stay in New Zealand. You can submit this proof in form of bank statement, bank draft or cash.

Proof of funds includes:
You must have money in New Zealand with you.
If there is any other person that will bear your all expanses then you have to submit his/her statements.

Requirements for student visa
You need to follow the following instructions in order to make your stay safe and secure in New Zealand otherwise your visa may be cancelled by the immigration department.

You must have to attend the institute that is indicated in your permit. If you want to change the institute then you must have to inform the institute to get the permission letter.

If you applied for a guardian then you must live with him otherwise your visa or guardian’s visa can be cancelled.
You must have to keep submit the reports that you are studding and attending regularly.
You can do part time job allowed under your student permit. But do not work more than allowed hours per week.
You must have to follow the rules and regulations of New Zealand government.
You must go back to your country after finishing your course.

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