Student Visa for USA


Government of USA issues visas of different types including student visas. You will receive F1 or M1 visa if applying for full time course. Most of the students get F1 visa. F1 visa is issued for academic studies and M1 visas are issued for non academic studies. Temporary visas are also issued to students that are called non immigrant visas.Process First of all get a valid passport. Apply for any course to any institute. They will send you a form if they accept you. That form is very important.

It contains all the information of finances and duration of course etc.You need to give financial security to prove that you can bear all the expenses of your studies. You need to give a bank statement stating the status of your bank balance. You can contact to local USA embassy to get information about all documents that are needed. If you have any relative in USA that is going to financially support you for your studies, you need to get an affidavit of support form from the local USA embassy. Fill this form to provide all the information about sources that you are going to use for your fee.

Get all the documents mentioned above and submit them to the US embassy along with visa application. You are all set now to get student visa now wait for visa interview call. If your visa gets rejected two times then better to apply next time by E-mail.

Maintaining Visa
If your visa expiry date is near and your course is not yet finished then you need to summit an application to the foreign student advisor of school for visa extension before 30 days of expiry date. Only F1 visa holders can apply for extension. Visa extensions are usually granted due to the academic or medical reasons.

Students under F1 visa type are also allowed to change their school but they have to complete first 12 months in their first school. They need to contact to concerned department of school to notify them. Get a form your new school, fill the form and submit to the new school foreign student’s advisor. Always try to maintain your attendance. Your school submits your attendance report to the embassy once a month. You visa can be cancelled if your attendance is lower than 80%.

If you want to change the subject in your course then you do not need to notify the foreign student advisor but if you want to change the degree I-e from BBA to master’s degree or else, you definitely need to notify the advisor of foreign students before 15 days of starting new course.

Student Visa for UK Study abroad is only for juniors

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