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France is a wonderful country. France gives the right of multiple entries into country to the non national students who have student visa. Once someone gets the students visa, they do not need to worry for the renewal of visa because their student visa get renewed automatically until their course is finished.

There is a special kind of visa that is especially for potential students. This visa allows students to stay in France for 90 days. People get this visa to visit institutes, universities of France for any special purpose such as assignment, thesis or for attending any educational conference etc. French government facilitates the non national students in every possible way. Students that have passed their course get a full student visa without going back to their home country. Prospective visa is approved to those students whose admission in higher institutes is dependent on the passing of their short course of refresher work.

If you want to get study visa for France, visit the local embassy located in your country to get compete information about procedure.

Requirements for study visa for France:
There are two main points that are needed to be considered carefully.
A tourist visa cannot be converted into student visa.
All non national students need to stay for more than three months in France to get the student ID card.
Required documentation to get visa:
Student must have a valid passport with validity of time period of course.
Enrollment roof
Following documents are considered as proof of enrollment
Preliminary admission offer
It is a statement of pre registration of any higher and approved educational institute. In this document, the level or degree of education and subject of course should be mentioned. If the document is from any private institute then hours of course should be mentioned and also the paid fee record.
Financial proof
Student have to show enough bank status to show that he/she can afford the expenses of residence, studies living in France. French government has set a limit of finances to show. One should have 3,000 franc monthly to live and bear the expenses in France as a student.
Insurance proof
Students, who are above 28 and also belong to the country that does not have any agreement of reciprocity with France, need to provide a proof of insurance. There are also some institutes in France that are not recognized by the government of France to take part in health insurance pan of students so students from these institutes also need to submit a insurance proof.
Parental permission
Students who are under 18 of age need to submit a permission letter from parents stating that they are permitting their child to study in France taking all the responsibility.
Necessary vaccination
Students need to submit a medical proof stating that they have completed the vaccination of some diseases such as yellow fever and cholera etc.

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