Student Visa for Ireland


People who want to enter Ireland for study purpose need to apply for student visa before entering in Ireland. First of all you need to get all the information to get student visa for Ireland. Contact to your local Irish embassy located in your country to get accurate information about student visa. They will guide you about the requirements and process to get visa. After getting complete information, submit visa application along with all required documents to apply for student visa along.

You need a letter of acknowledgement from a reputed school, college or university that you completed a course any study course from here. You also need to submit proof that you have submitted all the expenses of course.
You also need to submit proof that you have sufficient financial support to keep up yourself for at least first stage of your study course.

Information for visa renewal
According to new rules the learners who are not studying under full course timeline will only be permitted to extend their visa for study when the allowed time limit is no more than eighteen months.
Documents that you need to apply for extending student visa for Ireland
All the details and confirmation of installment of course/study charges that you have paid
Complete details of your study course
Complete information on where you are staying in Ireland
proof that you are independent
Duplicate of your identification such as passport and student card along with your study visa copy
Copy of your national id card and reference number of your student visa
All details of your attendance in college, school or university. You can be in trouble if attendee is low.

Student visa extension
You should apply for C study visa if you want to study no more than 3 months in Ireland But if your course does not finish in permitted 3 months and you want to extend your visa then you should apply for D study visa for extension purpose.

If you are a student having C visa and want to prolong your stay in Ireland then you should visit your nearest police headquarters and contact to the Officer in this regard. They will ask you to submit the application in written form. Normally it is very difficult to extend the 3 month visa that is called C visa after entering in Ireland. Visa extension will be allowed in just exceptional cases. It's very much essential to ensure that you know all the details and the time limit of your course before you get a study visa of Ireland. Knowing all the details will help you to rescue from big troubles. You can contact to embassy to know the detailed information.

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