Student Visa for Spain


A large number of non national students are going to Spain for studies purpose. People are applying for student visa for either full time studies or undertaking any kind of research, educational training or for thesis purpose. You need to apply to the desired institute to get admission. After getting admission approval from university, you need to apply for student visa to your local embassy of Spain located in your country.

 Complete all the documents before applying to embassy. You need to get a valid passport and approved records of your previous studies. After entering in Spain you need to apply for authorization to live in Spain for specific time period until your studies are completed.

You need to follow following instructions in order to make your student visa secure in Spain.You need to have all the documents to make your stay legal in Spain. All documentation will also help you to extend your visa in no time.A large number of students have been granted the chance to study in schools, research centers and getting jobs as lecturers. Complete documentation helps to make this process easy and smooth.If a school is under age and is not granted permission for studying in Spain by parents, need to provide authorization in written form for studies or school trip. You need to mention all the details of visit and duration of stay in Spain.

All students also need to prove the proof that they can bear all the expense of their studies and stay in Spain. They also need to confirm that they the purpose of their stay in Spain is only for studies and will return back at completion of course.

Attendance is very much important to keep visa secure. Your attendance should not be less than 80%. If attendance is less than 80% then immediately submit a medical report to rescue you from any danger. Your school submits your attendance record to immigration office once a month. You visa can be cancelled if attendance is very low.

Student visa for Spain is valid until your course is completed. Submit request of visa extension to the foreign student advisor of your school before 1 month of visa expiry. You can extend your visa as much time until course is completed.

Keep checking your visa expiry date for extension. You can’t request for renewal once limit is over. If students want to do any part time job for pocket then they need to ensure that part time job will not affect their studies. Students can work for limited hours. Non national students can also apply for their relatives to come to Spain during their stay for studies. They can apply for relatives as guardian.

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