New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa


If you want to move to New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category Visa, you will have to meet the basic requirements outlined on the main Immigration page.

The Skilled Migrant Visa offers applicants with relevant skills and experience the opportunity to emigrate to New Zealand. The Visa is based on a point system based on skills, experience, qualifications and other factors.Skilled Migrant Visa is aimed at attracting long term migrants – hence more points are given for younger applicants.

People over 56yrs old are not eligible for this visa.
The qualifications for Skilled Migrant Visa applicants is judged against NZ equivalent qualifications. Additional points are given for any NZ qualifications.

Applicants who have a job offer from a New Zealand employer have a greater chance of gaining a Skilled Migrant Visa. Skilled employment ranges from professional positions to people working in trades.

The greater the amount of work experience the greater the weighting of points, additional points are gained for having work experience in New Zealand. The applicant will need to demonstrate any relevant qualifications or relevant work experience.

Additional points are granted for applicants with jobs or experience that match those skills where skills shortages have been identified.
Read More – the list of skills on the short term skills shortages
Read More – the list of skills on the long term skills shortages

Extra points are granted for
Partner Points – the applicant can gain extra points if their partner has a New Zealand job offer or relevant qualification
Region – additional points are granted for applicants accepting job offers outside of Auckland
Family – additional points are granted for having a close family who is already a New Zealand permanent resident or citizen
Recent Changes to Skilled Migrant Category (from Aug 2007 )

The New Zealand Immigration Service has made a number of changes to the Skilled Migrant Visa. The main changes are:
An increase to the bonus points awarded for skilled employment, a recognised qualification and work experience in an identified future growth area
An introduction of bonus points for a post-graduate New Zealand qualification (Masters or Doctorate)
The number of years of New Zealand work experience required to claim the bonus points has been reduced
An increase in the bonus points granted for the qualifications or skilled employment of a partner
The bonus points awarded for studying in New Zealand have been restructured
The list of recognised qualifications has been updated
A simpler definition of skilled employment has been introduced
We recommend that you seek professional advice about your own circumstances.
It may cost you money, but it may save you time and heartache, think of it as an investment.
There is a lot of immigration agents advertising on the web who may be able to advise you on your Skilled Migration Visa.

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