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Denmark is one of many Scandinavian countries which benefit from a healthy economy, amiable residents and an egalitarian system which attracts foreigners to seek immigration to Denmark. Studies and surveys show that Danes are the happiest nation in the world .This prosperity has always been one of the main reasons why immigration to Denmark is so sought after.

Immigration to Denmark Free info in Urdu Video

Immigration to JAPAN  Free info in urdu Video
Immigration to JAPAN  Free info in urdu Video
Immigration to JAPAN  Free info in urdu Video
Immigration to JAPAN  Free info in urdu Video
Immigration to JAPAN  Free info in urdu Video

Benefits of immigration to Denmark
High demand of skilled professionals
Denmark is a country that has one of the highest or may be the highest GDP in the world. This is why Denmark is always in need of skilled professionals to render their services for mutual benefits. Recently Danish government has seen an increase in immigration to Denmark by skilled professionals. Also many Danish professionals are of retiring age and if these vacancies are not filled by appropriate time Denmark would see a generation gap that would be difficult to shorten. This is also a reason why immigration to Denmark is appreciated by its own government

Countless surveys and studies have shown that Danes are the happiest nation in the world. Isn’t it the most important reason which should start making you consider immigration to Denmark seriously?

Reputed education system
Denmark has a world class educational system and its programs are renowned all over the world. University of Copenhagen is one of the many top ranking universities that the Danes are proud of. This attracts many students who are willing to study abroad to try for immigration to Denmark.

Egalitarian system
The best thing about Denmark is that there is no gender discrimination in Denmark. Whether you are male or female you won’t be treated any differently. This non-gender biased system encourages both males and females to pursue immigration to Denmark.

Better public services
Denmark provides free healthcare and education. This is supported by the government and the taxes that are payed by its residents. The availability of free public services is also one of the main features which make immigration to Denmark a better choice for people who are ready to leave their home country and set roots in a foreign land.

Visa categories for immigration to Denmark
The main categories to apply for immigration to Denmark are as follows
The green card scheme
This category is best suited for professional who are highly skilled in their specific field. Candidate seeking immigration to Denmark are assessed on a point based test and those who pass are granted work permit and a permanent residence later.

The positive list
Because of the ever increasing need of professionals due to growing economy, Danish government issues a list of professionals who are in demand. These professionals get an easy access to immigration to Denmark as the government itself welcomes them.

Pay limit scheme
If you are able to land a job which is offered by Danish employer and they offer you a yearly salary of 375,000 DKK, this could be the opportunity that can land you with a permanent residence in Denmark and help you with your immigration to Denmark.

With the above benefits it should also be noted that Denmark is a welfare state and in addition to free education and healthcare it also offers old age benefits and an unemployment fund. If you want to travel immigration to Denmark can open your gateway to Europe.

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