Top 5 Causes of Dry Skin Revealing Shocking Facts


In the past, people used to face the problem of dry skin only in cold weather when the atmosphere is too dry but now a days every second person complain dry skin even in summers and the strange thing is that even the use of moisturizing creams and lotions overcome this problem. I ammyself facing the same issue. My skin always remains dry which makes it look rough. I apply moisturizing cream but it works for just a few hours after which skin comes back to the normal position.

Revealing Shocking Facts

I tried several lotions and also did a few natural remedies but nothing worked so I decided to find the root cause of dry skin as identifying the root cause can help in resolving the problem. I usually take the help of Internet for researching purposes. I came across an interesting article while finding the cause of dry skin. This article opened my eyes and gave me a mini heart attack as the causes of dry skin mentioned in that article were strange. I am sharing these causes with you. If you avoid these things then you will never have problem of dry skin as it is my personal experience.


According to Amy Forman Taub who is a dermatologist and clinical professor, fragrance present in perfumes and deodorants makes our skin dry and if you already have dry skin then it makes the situation worst so he suggest not using those perfumes which have different types of fragrances in them. Prefer buying perfumes having honey, vanilla and other natural fragrances in them.


A study conducted in U.S.A. revealed a strange fact about soaps. According to the results of this study, nothing else gives much harm to our skin then the soap we use. When we wash our face, hands and body with soap then it takes away all the moisture content leaving skin dry. Skin experts suggest using those soaps, body wash, detergents and laundry soaps that have enough amount of moisturizing content. Ordinary soaps available in colorful packaging make skin extremely dry.

Hard Water

The tap water we use for washing face and for taking bath is actually hard water. Hard water is slightly different from ordinary normal water in its composition as it contains huge amount of magnesium, zinc, lead and few other minerals in it. These minerals cause the skin to become dry by creating a thin dry layer on the skin. The worst thing is that these minerals do not let the moisturizers to keep our skin moist. This means that moisturizers fail to work in the presence of these minerals. If all the members of your family have dry skin problem then it might be due to water.

Excessive Washing

Some people are over conscious about their self-hygiene. They have this strange habit of washing face and hands again and again. Some other people do so to avoid dryness of skin as they believe that washing will make skin moist when it is certainly not the case. So, do not wash hands and face repeatedly as it will make the situation worst.


Another strange cause of our dry skin is our genetics. Research indicates that some people have the issue of dry skin from birth as they get this problem from their parents. Now, this is something you can never do anything about instead of just compromising.

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