Oily skin and a word about it


Oily skin is commonly associated with enlarged pores, a thick complexion and also potentially pimples with it.

Oily skin may have a number of reasons why it excreting so much oil, including an imbalance of the hormones, amongst other features.

If you have oily skin and it makes you uncomfortable, then there are a number of ways in which you can at least handle the oily skin so that the oil in the skin does not get onto your nerves.

For instance, you can take to washing your skin frequently so that the oil is washed away and you feel better with less oil on your skin.

  • Heredity factors

One reason why you may have an oily skin is because you may have been passed this from your parents, any of whom may have oily skin and hence this may be a string heredity factor in your family tree.

If this is the case, then there is nothing to feel sorry about since you had no hand in your skin being the way it is, all you need to do is patiently focus on the solutions that are available for taking care of oily skin the right way.

  • Diet

However, it is also possible to have oily skin as a result of an unbalanced diet, which ultimately leads to a skin that is oily in nature.

For instance, if the diet that you are having is deficient in vitamins, such as B5, it can lead to oily skin and you may therefore come across a lot of problems only because you are careless in the food intake that you have for your diet.

So if you have oily skin and would like to do something about it, do analyze the diet that you are taking to check whether it is your diet which is responsible for the excess oil over your skin.

  • Hormone Levels

This is another factor that affects whether you will have oily skin and the reason is that the level of hormones in your body keeps changing over the period of your life cycle.

Therefore, you may not have oily skin as a child but you may develop oily skin later in your life, this is indeed a possibility, which is associated with the hormone level inside your body.

Reaching puberty, you may see changes taking place in your body skin, it may become oily or it may lose oil, all because puberty is associated with a change in the level of hormones in any individual.

  • Humid Weather

Weather on its part can also have an effect on your skin and make it excrete more and more oil. This is because when weather is hot or humid, the glands in your skin that produce the oil start working at a faster pace relative to how they would in, say, winters.

As a result, more and more oil is excreted by the glands and your skin gets to be much oilier in winters than it would be in any other season.

However, if you live in hot climatic areas, then, having an oily skin would become the norm because of the persistent hot weather of your area and that is when it will solely be the weather that is responsible for the high amount of oil on your skin.

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