Natural Treatment For Acne


Acne is a serious skin issue but it is mostly associated with youngsters who are reaching puberty as the body of youngster’s starts to produce certain hormones during puberty. The misbalancing of hormones leads to acne but this happens in early 20’s. Sometimes, adults also face this skin problem. Acne if remain for longer time damages the skin.

It also takes away its softness and glow. Majority of the women straightforward go to the dermatologist right after they find acne on skin. Dermatologists return them with lots of creams, lotions and pills. Though, these lotions and pills somehow work against acne yet they cause several other skin issues as they are made of strong chemicals. So, if you have an acne issue then you must first try some natural cure at home instead of rushing towards the skin expert.

Acne Solution Lies in Kitchen

When your kitchen contains everything you need to get rid of acne then why are you wasting your time and money on skin treatments? Yes, there are various fruits, vegetables and other kitchen products that provide safer and permanent cure against acne. Following are a few things taken from kitchen.


Grapes are favorite fruit of several people. They also have extraordinary skin and health benefits. Grapes are good for people having acne. Take few grapes and cut them from center. Now, apply their flesh on your face and also on neck. Rub the flesh gently. It’s cool effect will start to reduce acne right away.


Cucumber is great for weight loss, dark circles and skin. Take an average sized cucumber and blend it along with oatmeal in a blender. Now add one tablespoon of yogurt in this paste and mix thoroughly unless all the ingredients get properly mixed with each other. Now, apply this paste on your face and leave it for minimum 30 minutes so that it may get absorbed by the skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water afterwards. It is one of the best treatments for acne.

Apply Honey

Honey is known for its various health benefits, one being its ability to cure acne. If you have acne then you must apply honey on your face regularly but do not forget to wash your face with warm water before applying honey. This will open up the pores. Keep honey mask on face for about thirty minutes. Wash face with warm water to remove honey followed by cold water. Cold water will close pores.

Apply Yogurt

You might have observed that only those people complain acne problem that have oily skin. This is because oil skin has more chances of getting acne compared to normal or dry skin. This means that you can automatically cure acne if you get rid of oily skin. When it comes to oily skin then yogurt is a great cure. Add yeast in yogurt and apply this paste on your face for about 20 minutes. It is yet another efficient way to get rid of acne permanently.

Egg And Lemon

Both egg and lemon offer extraordinary benefits to our skin and hair. Create a face mask by adding few drops of lemon juice in a well beaten egg white. Now, apply this mask on your face. It is better to apply it before going to bed. Keep the mask whole night and wash face in morning. You will feel better.

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