Dry skin and the associated worries with it


Dry skin is yet another kind of a skin which has indicators of its very own. How do experts define a skin as dry? What are the common observations of a dry skin? One, dry skin may have small red patches on it which are a string indicator that the skin is dry. Second, a dry skin has pores over it which are invisible and which may not be visible to the naked eye but certainly visible at a microscopic level.
Associated with this is a dull and rough complexion that you would see for a skin
that is dry because the lack of oil in the skin makes it look very rough.
The other thing about dry skin is that it has relatively less elasticity as compared to a normal skin, for instance.
This is a common disorder which is linked with dry skin and which can occur in dry skin.
A rash is actually a discoloration of the skin that happens due to certain bacteria which are harmful to the dry skin.
Viral infection or fungal infection is what may be responsible for the dry skin acquiring the rashes that it gets.
Rashes are generally supposed to last only a couple of days or so as after that, they are supposed to disappear from the body.
However, rashes that are longer lasting than that should be checked with a doctor since there may be a serious problem with the area of the skin which has acquired a rash.
Athlete’s foot
This is another common infection of the dry skin that appears in the feet.
Fungus is the main source of this disease and may be caught by the patient while he walks barefoot over an area that is contaminated with fungus.
There is also the risk that this fungus may transfer from one part of the body of the infected person to another part and may also transfer from one person to another.
If a person acquired athlete’s foot disease of the skin, he may experience pain or itching or a burning sensation.
Itching is a very common disease of the dry skin and many a time, you might have had observed people rubbing their body parts very roughly in a bid to do away with the urge to do away with the itching that they are experiencing.
Along with dry skin, unwanted long exposures of the body to the sun may have the effect of increasing the amount of itching that you experience.
Therefore, a good way to avoid increasing the magnitude of itching is to stay away from the heat of the sun, particularly during the summer season when sun shines with full brilliance.
Another remedy to the problem of itching is anti-itch creams that are available and which can be used for reducing the amount of itch that you experience.
When you apply it to the parts over your body where you are experiencing a lot of itch, it will help you ease the pain and make you feel relatively comfortable.
However, if you still experience a lot of pain and problems associated with itching, then, you should consult a doctor to have your body examined and have a thorough check-up of it to solve the immediate problem that is causing you so much worry.

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