There are mainly 5 types of mehndi. Mehndi is being applied for centuries in these regions.
1: Pakistani Mehndi: Pakistani mehndi patterns are so much famous among every region because its application is most detailed but it takes bit time to apply


2: Indian Mehndi: Indian mehndi pattern are easy to make and they look so beautiful. These patterns are mostly known as a big filled circle in middle of palm with dots around. Tips of fingers are also covers with mehndi to get darker shade.

3: Arabic Mehndi: Arabic mehndi patterns are easy to make. They are very dark in color. Arabic mehndi patterns usually include beautiful flowers, vines or leaves.

4: African Mehndi: African mehndi patterns include geometric figures and dots. They are very less used as compared to above mentioned mehndi patterns.

In Pakistan and India, it is assumed that the bride will be as successful in her life as much the color of mehndi on her hands is darker.

5: Egyptian Mehndi: Different patterns and designs of mehndi (henna) have been seen on Egyptians mummies. Due to the old Egyptian history, glimpse of mythology and imagery can be seen in these designs. Dragons, fire and pythons are common in these designs.

Tips to apply mehndi

  • Firstly, choose the body part on which you want to apply mehndi.
  • Wash that body part with soap thoroughly to make it clean and oil free. Because if there is any oil or lotion on the skin then it will be very difficult for skin to absorb mehndi color in it.
  • You can select any good cone mehndi of any good brand from market or you can make your own paste by mixing the henna powder with water. Quality of mehndi should be very good to get beautiful color.
  • Application of mehndi can be messy so you need to pay a lot of attention while applying mehndi. Sweating can create a lot of mess within mehndi design so sit in the normal temperature while applying mehndi on body parts.
  • Remove the messed mehndi with tissue paper or cotton bud immediately otherwise it will leave its color.
  • Let your mehndi dry for at least one hour. Do not wash your hands after mehndi is dried completely.
  • Apply mixture of lemon juice and sugar on dried mehndi to get intense color. Wrap your hand with plastic bag and leave it over night.
  • You should not use water just rub away mehndi from body parts. Color of mehndi keep getting darkness till the next 24 hours.

Important tips

Avoid using mehndi of black color on your body parts because it has chemicals in it to dye hair. It can extremely damage your skin. Always ask for the mehndi specially made for body parts.


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