Mehndi has significant importance for brides. Bride looks incomplete without mehndi. Color of mehndi enhances the beauty of bride. It is said that as much darker color will bride get, she will Be as successful in her post wedding life. In Pakistan, mehndi is very much popularamong all age of people.

Not only bride but also other girls apply mehndi on wedding functions. Mehndi is applied one day before the wedding ceremony and it is kept almost for the whole day to get darker color. Mehndi is getting popularity even in western brides too. They love to paint their hands and feet or back with stunning designs of mehndi. Mehndi is taking place of tattooing rapidly. Because it is pain free process to get beautiful designs on body for some time. Design also can be changed after their color faded out.

Color of mehndi does not last more than 1 month maximum. It fades away with time. Then can you can apply any other design of your choice.

Beautiful patterns of mehndi look so beautiful on hands and feet of brides. Mehndi plays very important role in any celebration of wedding, eid and many other important festivals. Pakistani bridal mehndi designs are very famous among every one.

Because they are detailed and look so beautiful. Pakistani bridal mehndi designs are fine and applied very technically. It needs professional and expert hands to create such beautiful, stunning and gorgeous designs with perfection. Mehndi is also applied on brides and grooms hands as a sign of “shagun” at mehndi celebration.

Everyone at wedding including young’s and olds apply mehndi on their hands and bless them with their prayers. Mehndi usually comes in cone form that makes the application of mehndi so easy. You just need to handle the cone perfectly to create stunning designs.

Every bride wants to have color of mehndi on her hands and feet for long time so brides are said to keep mehndi on their hands and feet over night and then asked not to contact with water until 24 hours to get best reddish brown color.

It is also said that when mehndi is dried, we should apply sugar water on it to get darker color. Mehndi should not be washed with water as it can make the color of mehndi dim. Just rub away the dry mehndi from hands and feet then apply oil on color of mehndi to make it darker. In Pakistan, there are so many mehndi professionals and artists that are specialized in mehndi application.

But it is just matter of practice. You can also keep trying different designs and patterns of mehndi on your own hands or anyone else to get complete hold on mehndi cone.


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