Mehndi has very old history. It has been using from the ancient times, almost from 5000 years ago.  History told us that Mehndi was introduced in India by mughal empires. It is also said that mehndi is originally from India.Mehndi is also called as ‘’Henna” or “cypress flower”.  Henna word is derived from the Latin Arabic namewhich is pronounced as “Hinna”.  Mehndi is prepared by drying out leaves of henna plant and then is mixed with water to make a form paste. Then it is ready to apply on different parts of body.Although Mehndi has very old history but, it is getting so much fame in today’s generation as it looks so beautiful and has no side effects at all. A soft plastic type of cone or henna brush is used to apply mehndi on body parts to draw different beautiful designs. In old times, a bottle with tip of metal that was usually used to paint silk was used to apply mehndi. It is said that if you want more beautiful and strong color then you should wrap the mehndi area with any plastic cover or tissue paper.

To get more intense color you should keep mehndi for at least four to six hours. When we remove mehndi its color is orangish pale but it gets darker with the passage of time. It takes 24 to 72 hours to get more intense color.

It is said that we should not use water to remove mehndi from hand. It should be kept on hands even after it gets dry for at least four to six hours. Do not contract mehndi area with water for 24 hours because color darkening is still in process.

Finally mehndi gets reddish brown color in the end that looks so beautiful. Mehndi is very much famous in every age group. It is applied on many occasions for example on marriage ceremonies, parties, baby showers, engagement ceremonies and many other occasions too.

Wedding ceremony is incomplete without mehndi. Everyone wants to apply beautiful and stunning designs of mehndi on such occasions. Designs of mehndi are different from region to region. Pakistani, Indian, Arabic and African designs are most famous types of mehndi designs. Some of these designs are easy to make and some are much complicated to apply but all designs look so stunning and beautiful on every one.

Mehndi is getting so much fame in west as well.  Western people do like the beautiful designs of mehndi patterns. Because is it pain less as compared to expensive and painful tattoos. Another advantage of mehndi is that you can change the design whenever you want. Its color fades away with passage of time.


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