Party makeup part 2


Choose foundation according to the skin type. Apply face primer on face to prepare it for makeup then apply concealer on blemishes on uneven skin tone area to hide them. Now apply foundation on all face using foundation brush, sponge or finger tips. Blend foundation on whole face and neck evenly. At the end set the foundation using face powder. Apply face powder evenly on face and neck using powder brush.

Pakistani Party Makeup by kinzaalich1

Eye Makeup

Apply eye base or primer on eyes and under the eyes to prepare it for makeup. After eye base, apply base color on eyes all over. I am using brownish mustard shade as eye shadow base color. Apply it using brush evenly on both eyes. Apply some highlighter with the brow bone and blend it with bone. It will give a nice shape to brows and will also highlight the brow bone. Now apply a bit of dark golden mustard color on center of upper lid. Blend it very well using eye brush. Now apply little dark mustard color on upper lid and blend again on lid of both eyes.  Apply dark green shadow with the outer upper lash. Blend it at outer corner towards crease of eye.

Blend it on both eyes equally to define crease of eyes. Apply the same shade with the lower lash. Apply fake lashes carefully using lash glue and let it dry. Now apply black liquid liner with the upper lash line evenly on both eyes. Now is the time to apply mascara on both lashes. Apply mascara on upper and lower lashes and let it dry. Apply black pencil or kajal within the eyes.  Brush eyebrows using eyebrow brush. Apply dark brown pencil on eyebrows to shape them.

Blush on

Apply natural color of blush on cheek bones to highlight them. If you have chubby cheek then u must contour them using dark brownish shade. Apply it under cheek bones and blend very well. It should not look apart from blush on. It will give a slimmer look to your face.



Apply a bit of base on lips. Define shape of lips using lip pencil. Lip pencil should be the color of lipstick or lip gloss. Apply lip gloss or lipstick using lip brush. Apply 2 coats of lipstick to let it stay on lips for more time.


Brush hairs properly and divide them in sections. Take a section from front and clip it. Now take a section of hair from back and tease it using teasing comb and use hairspray to set it. Leave the teased hair. You can also pin these hair to make them stay on place. Now take the front section of hair and brush backward over the teased section. It will give a volume to hair. Again use hair spray to set the front section above teased hair. Take some hair from sides and spread on shoulders. You can also take all hair and make a pony tail.

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