Party Makeup part 1

Today I am going to share with you some party makeup tips and tricks. There are so many small tips and tricks that are needed to be considered to get a perfect part makeup look. Before starting part makeup, it is very important to consider the facial features because you need to determine that which features are need to be highlighted and emphasized. It is very much important to choose correct color and shaded for day time party makeup. Selection of wrong shades can ruin your looks. My model has uneven skin tone. She has small eyes and bog nose as compared to eyes so I need to emphasize of eyes to make them look bigger as compared to nose.


Concealing and foundation

First of all I am going to conceal the blemishes and uneven areas of skin. Apply a bit of concealer under the eyes and on all dark spots on face and neck. If you have dry skin then use cream based concealer. Blend concealer using fingertips. Concealer will cover the discoloration and dehydrated skin. Blend concealer on all over the face using sponge if you have uneven skin tone.  Now apply foundation dots on all over face and neck. Use cream based or liquid foundation if have dry skin. Blend foundation using foundation blending brush, sponge or even your fingertips. Blend it evenly on all over the face and neck. Make sure your face and neck look even toned after foundation. Now use compact powder to fix the foundation. Apply compact powder using powder brush. At the end, use transparent fixing powder to fix the base.


Now it’s time to contour the face. Select dark shade of your skin tone and apply it on forehead with hair line, on temples, under the cheek bones, on sides on nose and with jaw line. Blend it using contouring brush. Contouring will enhance your facial features.


Apply highlighter on centre on forehead, top on nose, on cheeks and on chin. Blend it using brush or fingertips.

Eye Makeup

First of all shape the eye brows using eyebrow brush and dark brown or black eye pencil. Now apply eye base on eyes using finger tips. Blend it on whole eye evenly on both eyes. Apply black pencil under eyes with the lower lash. Apply green eye shadow on center of upper lid of both eyes. Blend the shade using blending brush. Blend it to the crease of eyes. Now apply black shade on the outer corner of eyes. Blend the shade towards crease of eyes. Define crease by blending the same shade. Similarly apply the green shade with the lower lash and blend carefully. Now apply green glittery shade on upper lid of both eyes. Now apply fake lashes using glue. Let it dry for some time. Apply eye liner with the upper lash. Apply mascara at the end.

Blush on

Apply pink or brown blush on cheek bones and blend towards temples using blush on brush.


Define shape of lips using lip pencil. Lip pencil should be the same color of lipstick. Now fill in the lips using lip brush. Apply 2 to 3 coats for long lasting results.


First of all brush hairs properly using comb and divide them in sections. Take a section from front and clip it. Now take a section of hair from back and tease it using teasing comb and use hairspray to set it. Leave the teased hair. You can also pin these hair to make them stay on place. Now take the front section of hair and brush backward over the teased section. It will give a volume to hair. Again use hair spray to set the front section above teased hair. Pin the front hair section backward over teased hair. Take out some locks of hair near ears and set them free to give natural look. Brush the left hair at back to finish the hair style.

Party makeup part 2 Bridal Makeup Part 2

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