Common Makeup Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

It is a fact that not everyone is born beautiful but this is also true that everyone can look beautiful. The only difference is that some needs little effort while others need more effort. I have seen several women who were gifted with soft and fair skin with extraordinary face features but they ruined their skin due to their own carelessness. My point here is that if one person can ruin beauty due to carelessness then he or she may also gain beauty by putting in some effort. So, if you feel shy going to parties and other social events just due to your dark complexion or rough skin then it the time to try something special. I am talking about face cleansing.

A true Fact

Have you ever seen a woman in any party, social gathering, office, television etc. who was looking like a makeup disaster? If yes then you can better know how it feels to see this. Here, I want to share a very important fact with all the women reading this article. We are the strong believers of the fact that makeup makes even ugliest face the prettiest one but there is another side of the picture which also needs to be highlighted. What I want to say is that makeup not only enhances the beauty of a women but it sometimes also makes even beautiful woman look ugly. So, it is very important to do makeup properly. My observation and experience says that there are a few common mistakes which are done by almost every woman while applying makeup. I am here to identify these mistakes so that you may not repeat then again. Following are the mistakes.

  1. Apply Wrong Base

The base color should be one point darker than your complexion not lighter then it. Most of the women apply wrong mistake. Now think for yourself that when base is not right then how makeup can enhance the beauty. Some women despite knowing the fact that their skin is oily buy a liquid base. In the same way women with dry skin buy dry powdered base which makes their skin look even drier.

  1. Select Inappropriate eye Shadow

Some women make joke of themselves by applying wrong eye shadow at wrong occasion. What they do is they apply dark eye colors in day and light colors at night when opposite should be done.

  1. Lipsticks And eye shadows both are Same

It is the basic rule that if you have applied dark eye shadows then your lipstick should be light in color and if you are using light shadows then lipstick can be dark in color but most of the women do opposite. They apply dark shadows and use dark lipstick with it.

  1. Lipstick Color

Women do not select lipstick color according to their complexion due to which they lose all their beauty. It is very important to keep in mind your complexion while applying lipstick. Dark colors like red, maroon etc. looks better only on women with fair complexion.

  1. Follow Makeup Trends Blindly

I am sorry to say but most of the women have this weird habit of blindly following the fashion without even thinking for a second if it suits them or not. If smoky eye makeup is not made for you then why are you applying it? If you have a dark complexion then why are you applying red or other dark color lipstick?

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