How to apply perfect makeup base

The perfect makeup base is the first step for perfect makeup. If your makeup base is not perfect then you will not have perfect finishing look at the end. Either you are going to a party of any casual meeting; makeup base should b good to make your looks stunning.

Follow the steps bellow to make perfect base for your makeup.

Cleansing:  It is very important part of skin care routine. It should b done on daily basis especially before makeup to prepare the skin. Cleanser should be according to the skin type. Wrong cleanser can damage your skin by opening pores. Homemade or natural cleansers are highly recommended because they do not go harsh on skin. You can use raw milk as cleanser before going to bed our buy any good cleanser according to your skin. Put a blob of cleanser on cotton pad and cleanse whole face and neck until it removes all dirt from skin.

Moisturizing: Apply any good moisturizer according to your skin type after cleansing. Moisturizer keeps skin soft and hydrated.

 Concealing: concealing is an important part of makeup base. It helps to hide blemishes and uneven skin on face and neck. Apply concealer according to your skin type on targeted areas. Apply under eye concealer to hide dark circles or puffiness of eyes. Always choose a good quality concealer for long lasting results.

Highlighter: highlighter is used to highlight the plan area of face. Apply pink or shimmery highlighter on forehead, sides of nose, cheek bones, and chin and on arch of eyebrows.

Primer: primer is very important to keep base fresh and wrinkle free for hours. Apply any good primer on face before foundation to get flawless skin.

Foundation: choose foundation according to the skin type. Keep it light for natural look. Foundation should not look cakey on face. Girls who usually pick the foundation lighter to their natural shade just to look white just ruin their money because lighter foundation will always look cakey on face and will not give natural look. You should always select foundation according to your natural skin tome to get natural flawless complexion.

How to apple foundation: apply foundation in dots on your whole face and neck and start blending it from middle of your face in outward strokes. Foundation can be applied in many ways using foundation brushes, sponges or finger tips. Liquid foundation can be best applied applied using fingers or foundation brush. Keep blending foundation until it looks even on all face and neck. Do not ignore neck during makeup because dark neck will give very bad impression and will ruin your whole look.

Contouring:  It is done to make facial features sharp. A darker shade of foundation in required for contouring. U can also use contouring powder. Contouring powder is applied using brush whereas liquid contouring is done using finger tips or special brush.  Apply in on forehead with hair line, on temples and under the cheek bones. Edges of nose and jaw bone. Blend it very well with foundation to have sharp looks.

Powder base: Powered base is applied with sponge for heavy coverage and with brush to just set the base. Scroll sponge on foundation and apply on face to give matte finish to your base. You can also apply powder base lightly using blusher brush to give light and natural coverage.

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