How to Apply Eye Makeup?


Eyes are the highlighting feature of our face. One directly sees into the eyes of a person while talking to him or her. Most of us believe that only few people are gifted with beautiful eyes. I personally do not agree with it. I strongly believe that looking beautiful is in our own hands. Light makeup, perfect eye shadows, great liner and heavy mascara can make anyone look beautiful. So, if you have small eyes or you feel that your eyes are not as beautiful as that of others then it is the time to learn how to make them look perfect.

So, who wants to learn?

I am going to teach you how to apply an eye makeup. If your makeup turns into disaster and you want to learn some basic techniques used in applying an eye makeup then do not leave this page unless you read this article till the end.

Apply A Base

An eye makeup is just a small part of face makeup so first thing you need before starting an eye makeup is the base. Apply base one point darker the skin tone. Apply base evenly on face and eyes. Do not miss any area. If you have dry skin then use liquid base and if your skin is oily then apply powdered or dry base. Let the base to settle down properly before starting eye makeup. It may take a few minutes.

Apply Base Shade

Never ever forget to apply a base on your eyes before applying eye shadow. The eye base should be very light and it should cover the whole eye from below the eyebrows till the eyelashes.

Apply eye Shadow

Now when you have applied the base then it is the time to apply an eye shadow. If you want to apply to eye shadows then apply a light shadow on the inner side towards nose and dark shadow towards the outer side. Use dry eye brush to apply shadow on inner side but make it wet for applying on outer side. This is because the eye shadow applied on outer side towards ear should be darker as it makes eyes look bigger. If you are applying a single eye shadow then darken the edges. Use the brush gently and do not leave any space left. Prefer applying light shadows during lay light but if the function is at night then you may use dark eye shadows.

Apply Shimmer

Apply shimmer on the small area right under the eyebrows. Golden or silver shimmer is used most of the times. Use eye brush to make it eve. Too much shimmery look does not make sense.

Apply Eye Liner

Liner alone totally changes the look of an eye. You can use an eye liner to make your eyes look bigger and wider. Applying an eye liner is an art that requires experience. If you are new at it then start by creating dotted lines and then join the lines. Prefer applying a think line if you are doing an everyday makeup. You may create a tail with eyeliner to add more style.

Apply Mascara

You must be very careful while applying mascara. It should not ruin the eye shadows. Look downwards while applying mascara on upper eyelashes and look upwards while applying it on lower lashes.

Apply Eye Pencil

Last but not the least; apply a brown colored eye pencil on your eyelashes. Do not apply it hardly as it will give unnatural look.

Your eye makeup is complete.

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