There are so many types of jewelry available in the market that is difficult to choose that which type suits you best. When we go to buy any jewelry, there are so many factors that are important to keep in mind. The most important factor is to choose jewelry that suits your face type. Do not invest money on jewelry that does not suit your face type. Here I am going to give you very important tips that will guide you how to choose right jewelry according to your face type.

Rounded shaped face
If you have a round face then you should go for long jewelry. That will give an angle to your face. Long ear rings are best for rounded faces.  There are so many shapes in ear rings these days. You can also get square or rectangle shape ear rings. They will also help to lessen roundness of your face.  If we talk about necklace then always select the necklace that extends below to neckline from 28 to 32 inches. That is best for rounded faces and adds a definition to them.

Long shaped faces

Ladies with long shaped faces should not wearlong ear rings.  Simple studs are the best choice for long faces. You can also choose round or triangle ear rings.  If you have a long neck then choker necklace will be the perfect choice.


Oval shaped faces
Oval shaped faces are the perfect faces in terms of shape. It is neither too long nor too round.  You can try most styles of ear rings.  Spiral ear rings will look cute on oval shaped faces. Do not wear too much long ear rings. Short or long both necklace are best for these types of faces. Short necklace is best if you have long neck.

Heart shaped faces

Heart shaped faces include small chin, wide or big forehead and prominent cheeks. Circular and triangle ear rings are best for these people. These types of ear rings will highlight your chin.


Square shaped faces
Square shaped faces include the same width of jaw line and chin. All kind of ear rings from dangling to curved will compliment this type of face. Do not wear triangle or rectangular shaped ear rings. They will not good look on square shaped faces.  Wear the ear rings that add some roundness to your face. They will look so good.  If you want a stylish, classy look then you should select the necklace that extends 28 to 32 inches below the neckline.

Diamond shaped faces

If you have wide cheek bones and narrow jaw line then you have diamond shaped face.  You should select short ear rings in length. Studs will look great on your face. You should not wear long or curved ear rings.  Choker necklace will be a best choice for you. It will compliment the sharp shape of your chin.


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