Mehndi function is very important function of any Pakistani wedding. Every wedding is incomplete without mehndi function. Mehndi function is held one day before wedding at evening time. This function represents the typical Pakistani customs and trends. This function is also very important for bride.

Bride is decorated with flowers and ubtan at that evening. Bride wears yellow, green color of dress. Friends and family members apply mehndi on her hands and feet. Dholki rasam is also performed that day.

She also wears jewelry made from fresh flowers.

Tradition of mehndi is very old in Pakistan but it is getting modern day by day. In old days bride was not decorated with any makeup but now a day’s special dress is designed for bride. She also wears jewelry made from fresh flowers.

Natural makeup is also applied on brides these days. It’s all because they want to look beautiful as well as natural. Function and bride also has to meet the requirements of photo shot and movie making. That is why bride is preferred to get ready. Here we will talk about fresh flower jewelry.

Flower jewelry looks so much beautiful at mehndi function. Designers are also providing specially designs flower jewelry these days because demand of fresh flower jewelry is getting high day by day. You can also make fresh flower jewelry yourself at home but especially designed jewelry is more durable and looks beautiful. They make combination of flowers like rose, gutta and motiya.

And tie them strongly with their professional skills. Fresh flower jewelry do not last for days so you have to order it before your mehndi function and pick it just before your mehndi function starts. Fresh flower jewelry does not remain fresh the next day. For brides fresh flower jewelry includes, tikka, ear rings, gajras, rings, and a beautiful band of flower to tie on your hairs.

It gives a stunning look to bride. Not only bride, other girls on mehndi function also wear fresh flower jewelry. Special gajras are prepares for friends and cousins of bride. In fact every lady at mehndi function is given gajras to wear on their hands. They look so beautiful on every one.

There is no age limit on wearing flower jewelry. Old ladies are offered to wear white flower gajras. They look decent on old ladies of family. This tradition is very strong in Pakistani families to wear fresh flowers on mehndi functions.

So fresh flower jewelry for bride has become an essential part of Pakistani wedding traditions. In-laws of bride bring fresh flower jewelry along with mehndi dress and mehndi for bride


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