Jewelry is all about decorating yourself. Jewelry is assumed to be best friend of any women. Women of all ages love to wear jewelry. Wearing jewelry is not a new thing. History of jewelry is very old. Women have been wearing jewelry from ancient times. Designs of that old

jewelry were different from today’s jewelry.

Styles of jewelry have been changing from years to years. There are so many types of jewelry that women love to wear. Here I will introduce almost all types of jewelry that are worn on routine life.

Types of different jewelry includes

  • Hair jewelry
  • Ear rings
  • Necklace
  • Rings
  • Bangles & bracelets
  • Anklets or foot jewelry
  • Handmade jewelry

Hair jewelry
Hair jewelry also has very old history. If we read history of jewelry we will find out that all queens and princess used to wear jewelry on their hair. But now a day’s everyone is wearing jewelry on their hair. Hair jewelry includes hair barrettes. Hair combs, hair pins etc. they come in many varieties from simple to fancy.

You can have them according to your need. For daily life you would need simple but stylish pins, bands, clips etc. You can also wear them on different functions.  Hair accessories come in different styles for functions. Different hair accessories compliment different hairstyles. You can make a beautiful hair bun and decorate it with fancy, beautiful hair comb.

You can also tie hair in a brad and decorate it with beautiful clips and pins. Brides also love to decorate their hairs with flower jewelry and other readymade jewelry. Brides can decorate their hair with crystal, metallic, fancy combs. Hair accessories add a plus point in their beauty at their special wedding day.

Ear rings
Ear rings also have very old history. There are so many types and designs of ear rings. You can have them according to your face type. There are long, circular, triangle, rectangular, heart shape and many other shapes of ear rings. They come in many colors and styles. Everyone should buy them according to their age groups.

Teenage and university girls love to wear light colorful ear rings matching with their dress. Simple studs also look good on everyone. For parties you can have long big shinning stoned ear rings. Ear rings add a complete look to your face.

They define your face looks.  Traditional ear rings are also into the fashion these days. You can wear big ear rings of your mother or grandmother with saree or lehnga. You will have stunning looks.

Many types of necklace are available in market according to everyone’s needs. In old times women used to wear necklace made from leather, bones of animals or different kinds of metals. These days’ designers have given so many styles to necklace that compliments with your dress. Necklace comes according to everyone’s needs, if you have long, short, thick or thin neck you can ask for necklace according to your neck shape and size. Simple to fancy, light to heavy necklace are available in market.

Wearing a ring all time has become a popular fashion. It gives a complete and beautiful look to your hands. Rings are made from many materials like, silver, gold, platinum, wooden, plastic, and many other materials. You can buy them according to your choice.

Young girls love to wear colorful rings that match with their dress. They love to change rings daily. So having a big collection of rings is a normal thing for today’s girl. Big, heavy rings are also in fashion these days. One big ring looks so beautiful on hand.

Bangles & bracelets
Bangles and bracelets are always in fashion. There are so much colorful and stylish bangles in market. They comes in many shapes like circular, triangle and rectangular. They come in many materials like silver, gold, plastic, leather, wooden and many other materials. Similarly bracelets are also very much in these days.

Young girls love to wear colorful bangles that match their dresses. Leather bracelets are also exchanged as friendship bands between friends. That is a cute thing. Gold bangles are also decorated with stones, colorful pearls to make them look more attractive and beautiful.

Anklets or foot jewelry
Foot jewelry has very old history. People used to wear anklets made from animal bones and stones. These days anklets are into fashion in Asian countries. Anklet is an important part of bridal jewelry in Asian countries.

They decorate feet of bride with henna and anklets. Other than bride, young girls also wear anklets on daily basis in their feet. Anklets come in metal or silver material. They come from heavy to light material. Foot accessories make your feet look more attractive and beautiful. Asian girls love foot accessories more than western girls.

Handmade jewelry
In ancient times, people used to make their jewelry at homes but these days’ people prefer to buy readymade jewelry designed by designers from markets. But now a day’s handmade jewelry is also getting famous in your girls. Handmade jewelry is more durable, inexpensive and looks stunning.

Handmade jewelry includes fresh flower jewelry, leather bands, jewelry made from thread, beads rings, ear rings, bracelets and anklets etc. girls love to do experiments with their jewelry so they keep trying to make new designs by themselves. You can also buy handmade jewelry from market as well.


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