Pakistani weddings are all about dresses, jewelry, shopping, traditional customs and many more. Today’s life is too much fast and modern but in our weddings we all always try to follow our customs and traditions. Bride is the main person of any wedding. So bride gets everyone’s attention at wedding.

Keeping this point in view, every bride wants to look stunning and perfect; she wants to wear everything that looks perfect on her. From bride’s dress to her jewelry, makeup and shoes, everything should be perfect.

Here we will talk about the perfect jewelry for Pakistani bride.

A typical kind of jewelry is worn by Pakistani bride on her wedding. This jewelry represents our traditions. This traditional jewelry includes heavy ear rings, necklace, tikka, jhoomar, rings, bangles, anklets, nose ring etc. Bride is loaded with all these pieces of jewelries. This traditional jewelry enhances the beauty of bride. In Pakistan mostly bride’s wear Gold jewelry.

So when we are going to buy gold jewelry, there are so many things need to be considered. First of all we should know the style and color of bridal dress. So that we can add pearls etc of same color within gold jewelry to match bride’s dress. Matching jewelry always looks good.

It is assumed that heavies jewelry is good for bride as it makes her looks different from others. But these days’ modern girls want to wear jewelry that looks stylish.  There are so many designers in Pakistan that design jewelry for brides.

Designer jewelry is getting so much fame in Pakistan now days. They meet all requirements. You do not have to worry about selecting the design or about purity of gold. Designers take this all headache.

You just have to show them the style and color of your wedding dress. Although gold is too much expensive these days so designers also design jewelry that is made from different materials like silver, metal etc. they also look good.  These days girls prefer to wear artificial jewelry on their wedding because artificial jewelry is easy to handle. You can also replace it with new jewelry because artificial jewelry is not much expensive like gold.

Nose ring and jhoomer trends are eliminating these days because modern age girls don’t like it much. They do not compliment with latest styles of wedding dresses.  But if you are wearing a traditional wedding dress then all these accessories will give you a stunning rational look.

One last point I want to mention that always try to select bridal jewelry that is easy to handle for bride. Bride should look comfortable with her dress and jewelry at her wedding day.


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