Solution For Oily Hair Specially for Women

Does your skull acts like an oil manufacturing factory that keeps on producing oil 24 hours a day? If this is so then I can understand your pain as I myself have gone through this issue in the past. My hair always remained oily. I had to shampoo them on daily basis but this was not the permanent solution. I tried almost every shampoo, conditioner and various other hair care products made for oily hair but guess what? None of them provided permanent solution. 
My Secret Remedies
Finally I came across simple and easy remedies for oil hair which gave results within minimum time. I am sharing these remedies with all of you so that no one else goes through the pain and stress I went through. 
Egg And Honey Creates A Great Mixture
You must be aware of the fact that eggs are very good for our hair. Hair experts suggest applying eggs on hair at least once a week in order maintain their charm, shine and beauty. Eggs are also good for oily hair as they remove all the grease from skull leaving shiny hair free of oil. Take an egg yolk and add honey in it. Now apply this paste on your skull. Prefer using a brush so that the paste get applied evenly everywhere. Wait for at least 25 minutes so that the paste may get dried. Now, wash your hair with lukewarm water using a shampoo. Egg and honey when combines becomes a great conditioner that makes hair look perfect, just like you want. 
Use Vinegar
Vinegar is a very common ingredient for most of the recipes but it is also a great liquid for our hair. Vinegar is best for all types of hair and the interesting thing about it is that it cures almost every single hair problem from dandruff to oily hair. You may add it in any oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc. and apply this paste on your skull for at least 30 minutes. Wash hair afterwards. Apply this paste regularly once a week to avoid this problem of oily hair. 
Tea is Also Good
Hot cup of tea relaxes our mind and soul and its leaves make our hair shiny and strong. Tea leaves naturally contain turmeric acid which is very good for our hair. Boil tea leaves in water or place a tea bag in hot cup of water. Wait for the water to get bit cooler. Now spray this water on your hair such that it reaches to the skull. You may wash hair with it instead. It is one of the best cures for oily hair. 
Baking Soda 
Add baking soda in lukewarm water and create a paste. Now apply this paste on the skull and wait for a few minutes. When you feel that the paste has dried then wash hair with a good shampoo. 
Apply Lemon Juice
Last but not the least; apply lemon juice on your scalp directly in order to get faster results. You may also add it in any hair oil. Lemon juice sucks away all the oil leaving shiny hair. 
All the above treatments for oily hair just not have any side effects and they always work for everyone. Always remember that excess of everything is bad so do not use anything excessively on hair as it may cause them harm instead of giving any good. 


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