Secrets Revealed- how to Get Long and Silky Hair ASAP?

Have you ever seen animated movies in which the story revolves around princes who are under the magic of evil spirit? These and all other movies revolving around girls have one thing in common? These movies highlight the long and shiny hair of girls. Whenever we think about characters like Cinderella, sleeping beauty etc. one thing that immediately strikes our mind is long hair. Do you know why? It is because long and shiny hairs are a symbol of femininity, symbol of beauty and style. Girls look incomplete without long and silky hair.  
Are You Unlucky? 
Some girls are lucky when it comes to hair as they are naturally gifted with, soft, thick, shiny and growing hair but there are some other girls as well. These girls like you and me have to strive hard to get long and shiny hair. If you are also amongst these unlucky girls then you must try following natural remedies as they are proved to be helpful in getting long and silky hair.
Apply Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is very good for our face, skin, lips feet and for our hair. Its gel is known to have magical properties. You must apply Aloe Vera gel on your hair at least once a week. Just take gel and rub it gently on your hair. Don’t rub it just on hair but also on scalp. It will take way that unpleasant feeling of itching of skull and it will also add shine to the hair. Not only this, it enhances the growth rate of hair.
Apply Hair Oil
You will be agreeing with me that our mothers and grandmothers still have long and strong hair even in old age. This is because in old times, women used to apply hair oil too often. Now days, we have become so busy in our studies, jobs and personal life that we do not even get time to oil our hair regularly. If you desperately want to have long and shiny hair then you must apply hair oil regularly. Take any hair oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. and apply it on the roots of your hair. It is better to take lukewarm oil as it will easily penetrate into the roots. Applying oil is not enough, you also need to do a head massage with soft hands for at least 10 minutes. This will increase the flow of blood towards your head leading to an increase in hair growth rate.
Try Mixture of Yogurt And Egg
 Yogurt and egg both are good for our hair that is why they are the key ingredient of almost every hair shampoo and hair conditioner. Both of them add shine to the hair. Your hair will become silky after regular use of yogurt and egg. In addition, they kill dandruff permanently. Not only this, they make hair long and strong. It is highly suggested applying the paste of yogurt and egg on hair at least once a week. Keep the paste in head for at least half hour so that it may get penetrated into the roots of hair.
Apart from following all the above mentioned remedies, you must also take care of your hair. Prefer using herbal shampoo and do not use shampoo too much. Excessive use of hair products also damages them as majority of the hair product contain dangerous chemicals in them. 

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