How to decide how often you should wash your hair?

Having trouble knowing how much or how less to wash your hair? Well, here’s the thing; you need to be conscious about the type of hair that you sport.
There are different kinds of hair and each of them has a different amount of washing that is required, which can then be defined as “appropriate” for it.
Therefore, if you want to feel satisfied that you have washed your hair just about the right extent, then, you should be precisely aware of the nature of your hair, so that you come out satisfied after every shower.
For washing daily or every two or three days
Fine Hair: If your hair is fine, then rest assured that you need to wash it on a daily basis. This is because hair that is fine has the inherent capacity of absorbing much more oil relative to hair that is not fine. 
As a result, you need to wash your fine hair either daily or after a gap of one or two days, so that the excess oil in your hair is done away with.
Why: On the contrary, if your hair is NOT oily and if you wash it daily, then it can have the opposite effect. This is because hair that is not fine is already low on its oil content, and washing it daily would further deteriorate the level of oil that it maintains.
Oil is not necessarily harmful for the hair, it protects the hair from being damaged; it is the only the excess amount of oil that may be harmful or unsuitable for your hair.
Therefore make sure that you do not treat these two different types of hair in the same fashion lest you end up damaging anyone of them.
Precautions: A good solution for this problem would be that one; you should wash hair that is oily more frequently relatively, i.e. on a daily basis while NOT wash hair that is NOT OILY, as frequently.
The second option that you can exercise is that you should use shampoo as well as conditioner interchangeably when you wash hair that is NOT OILY as it may have a positive effect on it.
For hair that IS OILY, washing it with shampoo alone may be good to go.
For medium hair: For medium hair, make sure that you strike a balance between the way you wash the two other kinds of hair, oily and NOT oily. 
Do not wash medium hair every day and at the same time, do not leave it unwashed for such long times either, opt for a go-between, that is the trick!
By-weekly: If your hair is thick, then one useful bit of info about thick it is that it is curly in nature, at a microscopic level. In addition, thick hair has the property of not catching oil or dust as easily as thin hair and that means that it would not be a bad idea to wash thick hair on a bi-weekly basis.
Why: The reason is that curly hair or thick hair, as some may put it, has a higher tendency of resisting catching oil or dust as compared to thin hair. Therefore, THICK hair need not be washed as frequently as THIN hair courtesy of their opposite properties.
Precautions: The main precaution that you need to take is that you should wash thick hair lightly when you do, because it catches only a minimal amount of dust or oil and so a light washing should do away with any accumulated oil and dust and make your hair look nice and shiny!


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