How can hair be protected from the ill effects of Heat Styling?

It is true that those of us, who are always interested in creating a new hairstyle for their hair, use heat styling as a preferred mode of styling their hair but in the process, damage their hair a lot. 
This is because heat styling can be very harmful for the hair if it is used time and again, time and again, and so there needs to be a remedy for hair that is to be the subject of heat styling a lot many times. 
So here we discuss some tips on how to do away with the ill effects that heat styling may have for hair such that heat styling can be practiced on them without hurting them.
There are different kinds of hair and here we discuss how each of them can be styled using heat styling and still be saved from its hazardous effects...
Fine hair
Protect with: Sprays, serums
One good idea to lessen the impact of heat styling on hair that is fine is to apply heat protectant spray on them before you get down to styling them via heat styling.
This spray is supposed to be protective of the fine hair such that it does not take a hit negatively when heat styling is practiced onto it.
The main idea is to try as much as possible that the individual who is interested in styling her hair is able to go around it and at the same time, does not damage her hair in the process, because styling her hair at the cost of damaging it is the last thing that would be on her mind.
Thick hair
Protect with: Lotions, crèmes, serums
Now coming down to hair that is thick in nature; if you want to heat style thick hair and also want to protect it from the troubles such a styling can bring to your thick hair, the best bet would be for you to use lotions, creams and serums for the same.
This is because the use of such substances would introduce moisture into your thick hair and therefore protect them from forming a mass amount of small curls and hence heat styling will not affect them as much as it would have had if the mass curls were allowed to be formed as a result of not applying the lotions or crèmes, et cetera.
Wavy hair
Protect with: Sprays, serums, mousse
If your hair is wavy in nature and you intent to style it via heat styling techniques, then what you need to do to protect it is to apply sprays, mousses or serums and then get down to heat styling. 
This way, you will be able to both style your hair using heat styling and they be able to protect it from being damaged in the process which is very important  because what good is a hair that is styled when it is damaged?
Curly hair
Protect with: Lotions, crèmes, gels
What is the best way to protect curly hair from being damaged while heat styling is applied onto it?
The answer is heat protectant lotions, creams or gels that will have the impact of smoothening out your hair and hence protecting them against any possible damage from the heat styling process.


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