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Hair extensions are in trend these days. They are easily available in market. You can buy any color of hair extensions to give your hair a new, stylish and funky look. Here I will tell you how to use hair extensions properly. Before fixing extensions, you must wash and style your hair. Wash your hair and condition hair as you do in your normal routine. Then style your hair as you desire. If you want bounce in your hair then add some loose curls to your hair.  Now is the time to fix extensions in hair when you are done with styling. 
Divide hair in 4 sections. First divide hair into 2 halves then divide each half into 2 upper and lower section. Clip upper sections so that they cannot mess with lower sections. Keep both lower sections open. Now take one piece of hair extension and place it between 1 half upper and lower section. Fix it right there with built in clip.  Similarly take second hair extension and clip it between 2nd upper and lower section and clip in the same way as u did before.  Now unclip the 1st upper section and divide it into 2 sections. Clip the upper section and leave lower hair on already fixed extensions.  Take one more extension and fix in the same way you did before with lower sections. In the same way fix extensions in other section. When you are done with extension on both halves, take another hair extension and fix it between the 2 halves and fix in the same way. Use hair spray to fix them in better way at the end.  Now unclip all hair and style as desire. Make pony tail or keep hair open. 
Now coming to the front hair extensions that are also known as fringe. There are so many colors are available in hair extensions. Many people do not want to dye their hair so colorful extensions are the best option for them. Divide your frontal fringe into 2 halves. Do a very little back combing with 2nd half of fringe. Now place the fringe extension on 2nd section of hair and fix it properly. Turn back the first section of fringe on extension and comb with your fingers to mix the natural hair and extension together. Use hairspray to fix the hair at right place.  You can use different colors of extensions to have new and funky look. 
Extensions are available of many colors and lengths. Full length extensions usually come in size of 60 cm. you do not need to go to saloon to have a different look using extensions. You can easily fix these extensions in your hair at home by following the method I mentioned above. 

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