Guide To Healthy, Long And Shiny Hair

Hairs are a real asset for any woman as they are the highlighting feature of their whole personality. Nothing is more charming then long, shiny and silky hair. Having long hair was not very difficult in the past. It might be because in the past women had enough time to take care of them whereas now a days no woman has time for her hair. She hardly able to give time to family as she also has job responsibilities. Long, shiny and strong hairs have become myth now as we rarely see women with long and shiny hair. I personally think that it is our own carelessness due to which our hair does not grow well.
I Am At Your Service
My hair were strong from childhood as my mother used to give me hair massage every other day but I became so much busy first in studies and then in job that my hair got badly neglected and this resulted in a disaster as I was left with very few hair that were very weak. My hair looked like bushes, they lost their shine at all and this happened very slowly. My friends and colleagues started to ask me what happened to my hairs. I was unable to make any hairstyle while going outside. This was the time I realized that I have to seriously think about them.
 I spent whole weekend searching for different tips to get back long, shiny and silky hair that were once a part of my personality. I followed a few simple tips for roughly 3 months and results are beyond my expectations. There are a lot of new hairs being grown and most importantly the hairs have also become thicker and silky. So if you have any issue related to hair such as oily hair, dandruff, lack of shine, slow hair growth rate etc. then you should follow the given remedies.
 Do Friendship With Hair Oils
The very first thing I did was that I once again did friendship with hair oils as not only my mother but everyone else suggested oil massage at least twice a week. I used olive oil specifically as I like its smell. You may use other oils like almond oil, coconut oil etc. I always applied lukewarm oil on my skull. Thanks to my mother who gave me hair massage regularly. 
 Apply Eggs 
Eggs are very good for our hair. In fact, they are the best conditioner you can ever get for your hair. So, I threw away my conditioner that was full of chemicals and made this habit of applying egg paste with one tablespoon of honey in it on my hair. I did so once a week. This resulted in shiny hair.
Aloe Vera is Awesome
I have Aloe Vera plant at home that I specially took for my skin. I regularly rub its gel on my face to make it look fresh and soft. Now, I have started to apply this gel on my hair as well. This is because its gel is good for oily hair and also for dandruff. It leaves hair soft and shiny.
Switched To Herbal Shampoo
I have switched towards herbal shampoo as it is relatively less dangerous than normal shampoo. 
In addition to following the above mentioned tips, you must do combing very careful as excessive and harsh combing weakens the roots of hair causing them serious damage. 

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