A few tips to keep your hair beautiful all along!

We talked about the same issue with NYC-based hair color expert Kyle White and here is what she had to say to the questions we posed to her.
1. Fight damage inside and out.
According to white, the reason why women lose hair color is because of the poor health of their hair. 
Technically speaking, when the hair has a poor health as a result of being damaged for one reason orattractive hair forms a very important part of a woman’s personality and she wishes to have coEvery woman dreams of having hair that is bright in color as well as beautiful, because lorful and attractive hair so that she can feel psychologically delighted.
 the other, it forms holes on its surface. These holes are responsible for the loss in the color of the hair because the color molecules that give the hair its color slip out of these holes that form in the damaged hair and hence the hair loses its color and shine.
Two things that can be done to fix this problem are to use a hair vitamin that is known as Biotin, along with a deep conditioning mask of the hair on a weekly basis. 
The intended result of both of these is that the pores will fill up and the color molecules will stop exiting from the hair, and hence the hair will retain its color and its charm instead of losing out on it and resultantly looking dull and unattractive.
 2. Beat the heat.
Another major threat to the loss of hair color is hair styling because it damages the hair and that ultimately leads to loss of its color.
However, since it is very common to use heat styling to style hair, a good idea would be to use a hair protectant before using hair styling so that both objectives are met; styling the hair as well as keeping it safe from being damaged and therefore losing color.
3. Use the right tools.
White goes on to say that the hairbrush you use to brush your hair also has a hand in doing away with the color of your hair. Therefore the choice of hairbrush is important in helping you maintain the color of your hair.
A good choice of a hair brush would be one that has natural bristles instead of bristles made of metal, because metal bristles damage hair virtue of being stiff and hard and that leads to color loss from the hair.
 4. Offer your hair the same protection you give your skin.
More ways of protecting your hair from losing color by saving it from being damaged are to use sunscreen to protect it, and in addition to that, to wear a scarf.
Both of these strategies will bear fruit when you are outdoors because according to our hair specialist, sunlight can damage your hair in just about  the same way that it can damage your skin, and therefore you must take care of your hair outdoors, lest it be damaged beyond mend.
 5. Ease up on shampooing.
More advice from white includes keeping tabs on how frequently you shampoo your hair because too much shampooing can damage our hair a lot.
Keep a schedule as to how many times you are going to shampoo your hair in a week or in two weeks so that unnecessary shampooing is done away since too much shampoo will strip your hair of the necessary hair oil that is there to protect it against damage and make your hair dry and unattractive as well.


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