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When is the best time to let go of your grooming toys?
It is common practice for women to be overly sensitive about grooming themselves and making sure that every nook and corner on their body is well taken care of by the cosmetics that are bought in high numbers from the market.

However, common sense dictates that there is a limit to everything and therefore, a woman must know when enough is enough, when she should go easy on the amount of grooming that she is subjecting her body to and to take a chill pill…

Eyelash Curler: 3 seconds per section
One extreme that women go to is to over curl their eyelashes in a bid to ensure  that they have been curled just about  the right way. What they forget is that what they see as appropriate is actually the level of EXTREME and that they should be avoiding that level of curling up their eyelashes.

One good way to know what is just enough is to curl them for no more than three seconds and then to let go of them. Try this out and you will know that this is not only convenient but also appropriate.

Facial Cleansing Brush: 1 minute
Next is cleaning up your face with a facial cleaning brush, you need to ensure that you are not over doing that part either.

Just keep in mind that these brushes are much more powerful than normal brushes and it is therefore a wise idea to not use them in the same HARD MODE that you would a normal brush.

Therefore, scrubbing the brush for just one minute over your face should be sufficient for an excellent wash and there is nothing more you need to do to make your face look cleaner!

Just hold yourself back if you are tempted to scrub the brush more on your face because rest assured, this time is sufficient for a proper wash of your face.

Curling Iron: 3-7 seconds depending on hair type

If you have hair that is curly and that does not strike a chord with you and you use heat styling to straighten it up, then make sure that it is well within a safe threshold. Do not overdo it lest you end up damaging your hair at the expense of straightening out the curls.

Anything between three to seven seconds should be good to go, depending on hair quality; if your hair is rough, then seven seconds should be enough for it, do not go beyond that upper limit as that is not an intelligent idea at all.

 Straightener: a few seconds per section
Same for the efforts that you make when you are looking to using a hair straightener, to do away with your hair curls, just be soft on your hair and do not press  the straightener very hard at any place on your hair.

This is because if you feel like some part of your hair has much more curls than the rest and you would therefore like to give it more time while the heat from the hair straightener smoothens it up, that idea may actually backfire and you may end up lamenting about it.

Going soft will help you keep your hair safe from damage and curls both at the same time!

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