Tips And Tricks For Growing And Retaining Fingernails


Fingernails are one of those few things that distinguish women from men. Women are crazy about two things; high heels and long nails. The image of a modern woman remains incomplete without long, shiny nails but the sad part of this story is that most of the women fail to have long nails despite their strong liking for them. Some women bite nails when in stress while others are weak nails which easily get broken before they even get longer. There are some other women as well who have nails with very slow growth rate.

Let’s Get Started
Just imagine yourself wearing high heels having red lipstick, red clutch and red nail polish on long well-trimmed nails. I know it feels great. Women like me want to have long nails just to apply a nail polish. Let me tell you one secret here. Long nail makes your fingers look longer and smarter enhancing the beauty of your hands. Following is an action plan that will help you to grow and retain long, strong and shiny fingernails.

Do Not Misuse Them
The thing I hate about most of the women including me off course is that they use nails as tools given to them by nature. Women usually use nails to open things or to do other similar tasks and they sometimes have to lose their nails due to it but this bad habit does not leave them alone. If you are serious about growing nails then you will certainly have to stop treating nails as any tool.

Keep Them Moisturized
Skin and beauty experts believe that if women want to grow their fingernails then they must keep them moisturized all the times. The best way to keep them moisturized is applying hands lotion on them every time you apply it on your hands.

Go For Supplement
A supplement named biotin is known for its ability to increase nail growth. You must add this supplement in your daily life. In addition, take milk and eat food rich in vitamin D as it will also increase the length of your nails naturally.

Nail Maintenance is Must
Most of us only wish to have long nails; we do not put in much effort for having long nails. Getting long nails and then maintaining them is not as easy as it seems, you have to do extra care of them as they easily gets broken. Nail maintenance is very important. We do cleansing; scrubbing and a lot of other things to keep our face, hands and feet clean, soft and beautiful but we neglect our nails. You do not need to visit a parlor or spa for a nail treatment as you can easily maintain their health at home. Do give extra attention to them while doing manicure. Wear gloves while washing clothes and doing dishes or doing any other task.

Extra Protection Is Needed
If our nails remain exposed to water for a long time then they become weak and starts to break so it is very important to take extra care of them to avoid breakage.

Avoid Biting
If you bite your nails when in stress then it is quite difficult for you to have long nails but still nothing is impossible. You may apply lemon juice on your nails or thick coating of nail polish in order to avoid biting. Whenever you feel a need to bite then start chewing gum.

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