Surefire Ways to Get Soft, Pink and Rosy Lips


Smile is a sign of beauty but even a cute smile cannot make you look beautiful if you have brown, dark and rough lips. Unfortunately, some women have dark lips by nature and they think that there is no way to make their smile more beautiful.  If you also have dark lips and you feel sad about it then let me clear one thing; nothing is impossible in this world. Now, you can make your lips more appealing and beautiful just by taking extra care of them. There are some important points that should be considered for getting soft, pink and rosy lips.

Find Solution in Nature
Nature provides solution for every problem ranging from beauty issues or health problem, from hair loss to obesity issues. The good thing about natural remedies is that they do not have any dangerous side effects. Though, there are a large number of lips products available in the market yet I have come up with some natural remedies for dark and rough lips.

Are you ready?
So are you ready to get back your beautiful smile? If yes, then simply start following the natural lip treatments mentioned below. You will see difference yourself within just a matter of days.

Apply Olive Oil
Olive oil offer extraordinary benefits not only for our hair but also for lips. Olive oil when combines with fresh lemon juice yields extraordinary results. Take a small bottle and create a paste of olive oil and lemon juice in it. Shake the bottle well and apply this paste on your lips by using cotton. It is highly suggested applying paste t night before going to bed. This paste will naturally make your lips pink and soft. It will also remove rough upper layer from the lips.

Aloe Vera is best
There is hardly any home without Aloe Vera plant as this plants needs minimum care. Majority of the women are unaware of the unlimited benefits Aloe Vera offers to our hair, face, skin and lips. Regular application of Aloe Vera gel on the lips keeps them safe from decolonization. This gel creates a protection layer on lips which keeps them safe from all sorts of damage caused due to dust or any other factor. Apply Aloe Vera gel on your lips for at least 7 continuous days.

Apply Honey
Honey is known for its health benefits. The good thing is that it also makes our lips soft and rosy but only if you apply it regularly. Apply honey on lips every day and scrub your lips with soft hands for a few minutes. Do scrubbing in circular motion. Scrub will increase blood flow towards the lips which will automatically make them look juicy and rosy. If you want to get extraordinary results then also add small amount of olive oil in honey.

Use Castor Oil
Castor oil is yet another oil having unlimited benefits for lips. Its regular use makes lips soft and pink. Keep a bottle of castor oil near your bed and apply it on lips every night before going to sleep.

Follow these remedies for at least a month to get rid of dark lips. In addition to following the above mentioned treatments, you must also drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits as well as vegetables as the food we eat has a direct impact on our face and lips.

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