Remedies to get spot free complexion


Lemon is known as natural bleaching agent. Its powerful properties help to light up and diminish pigmentation while likewise lessening any redness. You can use it at home yourself. Take a little lemon squeezes on a cotton and touch it onto the scar. Apply this twice a day unless you have touchy skin. It will disturb skin that is broken or torn so apply tenderly.

Honey and lemon mask
Assuming that your skin is touchy to utilizing just lemon, utilizing a lemon squeeze and nectar cover consolidated with peeling can work adequately. Apply equivalent part mixture on the skin and abandon it on for about 15-20 minutes a day. Do this day by day for one week for sensational effects.

An astounding exfoliates for skin break out scars. Known for treating sunburn and rashes, it has a cooling impact that could be blended with some fixings to decrease scarring. For additional compelling effects, utilizing it with Rose Water can make thick glue that might be connected to the skin effortlessly. Abandon it on for about 20-30 minutes once it has dried, rehash the cover every day for one to two weeks for outcomes.

Baking soda
The snappiest approach to blur scars is with heating pop, it functions as a shedding to help clean away dead skin units and recover another layer. Use it on its own after you wash your face, blend with a tad of water and clean tenderly on the effected range. In the event that you have extremely delicate skin, attempt blending in a tender face wash and apply. Scour for about 3-5 minutes twice a day for successful effects.

Tomato paste
With more than enough skin health management profits utilizing tomato, it serves to lighten the skin bit by bit since it’s pressed with vitamins and rich acridity to blur scars. The vital parts of the tomato are the mash, press it out and use it as a veil on the skin. Abandon it on as long as the mash dries. Apply this on your whole face for extraordinary effects.

Milk, lemon and honey
Milk, lemon and honey are known as the best things when it comes to skin care or skin lighting. All these three things have superb skin lightening and glowing agents. Milk smooths the skin and work as cleanser to wipe out all the dirt from deep down pores. Lemon is rich in Vit C that is known for its bleaching properties. Lemon lightens the skin tone while giving it a glow. Honey has been used from ancient times by beauty queens.  Honey used to be in their regular beauty care routine.

Honey works as anti bacterial and also gives smooth complexion. Using these things together can undoubtedly give you even tone, fresh, flawless complexion in less time. Mix these three ingredients in bowl together and apply on face, neck and hands. Rub lightly for 2 minutes and then leave it on for 20 to 25 minutes. Wash your face, neck and hands with Luke warn water. Pat dry and apply some good moisturizer. Follow this remedy daily or every other day for about one month to see outstanding results.

Raw Milk
Raw milk is best cleanser for any skin type. Dip a cotton ball in some raw milk and cleanse your face and neck completely until the cotton ball comes completely clean. Do it every night before going to bed. It will cleanse pores deeply and will prevent from formation of blackheads.

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