How to troubleshoot everyday problems and avoid frustrating yourself?


There are many times in your everyday routine that you find it difficult dealing with small problems because you are so used to your routine that you just don’t want to see a problem propping up! Correct?

The trick is to be patient and to think over the problem that has befallen you so that you can deal with it the appropriate way.

Panicking will get you nowhere, be mindful of that and you will soon realize that the best way to sort out your problem is to get muscles in your head working…

The problems that you come across would most probably be small and random; rest assured it would not be a mission impossible that you are unable to cope with no matter how hard your try.

So, just collect yourself, and start thinking with a patient mind as to how you can deal with the problem at hand; here are some instances of the problems and their remedies along with.

Instance # 1: You run out of toothpaste

Just consider getting up early in the morning and realizing that you have run out of toothpaste and there isn’t any spare tube either that may help you brush your teeth and feel fresh and fine.

Don’t panic! This is NOT the end of the world!

A good solution to this problem is that you can use a combination of baking soda and water from your kitchen in just about the right ratio. Take a quarter cup of baking soda and add the eighth part of a cup of water and stir them together so that you make natural toothpaste out of it! There you go, you are all set you clean your teeth with it and feel fresh and relaxed, no panicking, no disappointment, no nothing!

Instance # 2: Your hair dryer malfunctions mid-way

Another common problem that you may encounter in daily life is that you may have your hair dryer malfunction in the middle of the exercise of drying up your hair; you may have had dried half of it while the rest may still be damp.

How to solve the problem? No worries, just turn on the exhaust in your bathroom and start finger drying your hair with air around you to help you dry it comfortably, even without the help from a hair dryer.

The process will take more time relatively, sure, but you will be able to manage it all alright at the end. Besides, it will only take about ten minutes in total and that is a time penalty that you should bear with ease considering that it will take much more time to get the dryer fixed and working, ready to use once again!

The exhaust will help matters even further as it circulates the air in the bathroom and replaces the moisture filled air with fresh, dry air that will help speed up the drying process and may allow you to complete the job even earlier than a ten minute estimate.

Just go about the process softly and ensure that you separate strings of hair properly with your fingers so that they are all exposed to air adequately and properly.

These are just two ways in which you can solve day to day problems without feeling tense or worried.

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