How To Do Self Face Cleansing?


When it comes to face beauty then we cannot compromise on anything as it is our face that remains in limelight throughout the day. Our other body organs are less visible compared to face. Before writing this article, I thought of asking a strange yet important question from my friends and collogue. I asked them what you focus upon while meeting a person for the first time. Do you that 80% of them straightaway said they they look the face of person in a first meeting. Our eyes naturally stops on the face of person we meet with or talk to so it is very important to take an extra care of your face in order to give a pleasant first expression to everyone.

Purpose of Face Cleansing
The purpose of face cleansing is to remove dead layer of skin from the face and to make your skin glow. In addition, it makes your skin fair. A simple cleansing procedure costs more than $100 and I don’t think so that everyone one of us is wealthy enough to spend this amount every week. Now, you can have face cleansing at home 4 times a month free of cost.

Steps For Face Cleansing

When you can easily do self-face cleansing at home then there is no need to waste your time and money in a beauty parlor. A face cleansing requires moisturizing milk, cotton, face scrub and face mask. You may also need nose pin if you have blackheads on the edges of your nose. Following is a step by step guide to doing a self-face cleansing.

  1. Dry your Face

You must first dry your face and wash your hands before starting the cleansing process.

  1. Apply Moisturizing Milk

Moisturizing milk is easily available in the market. If you do not have milk then you may use any moisturizing cream instead. Take off all the jewelry from neck, fingers, hands and ear before applying the milk. Apply milk on cheeks, upper lip area, on forehead and also on neck and nose. Now use the fingers of both your hands to give a massage. Rub the fingers gently on both the cheeks in circular motion such that your fingers cover all the area from nose towards ear. Do the same with forehead and neck. Rub your fingers gently on the edges of nose in a circular motion. Keep on repeating these steps one after the other for at least 15 minutes. Now, take cotton and rub your face and neck with it in order to remove the moisturizing lotion. Your cotton will become dirty after doing so as it will absorb all the dust present on your face.       

Apply Scrub

Now apply a good scrub on your face and neck and do the same again with your hands. Rub the face gently. If you will rub hardly then it may cause damage to the skin. Wash your face and neck after doing massage for about 10 minutes.

  1. Apply Face Mask

Dry your face with a towel and apply a face mask. You may use mud mask, herbal mask, whitening mask or any other mask. Wait for at least 10 minutes or unless the mask gets dry. Wash face afterwards with lukewarm water.

  1. Apply a Moisturizer

Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after washing face. Your face cleansing is done.

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