Easy To Follow Tips For Replacing Chapped Lips With Juicy Pink Lips


Lips are the highlighting feature of our face and have an important role in making us look beautiful. The color, shape and even cut of lips matters a lot at least for women that is why every other women these days go for a cosmetic surgery to make their lips look hotter, softer and rosy. Poets, novelists and writers use different metaphors to explain the beauty of lips of their leading character.
Some say that they are similar to rose petals while other says that they are just like butter. You must be thinking that these things just exist in books and that they have nothing to do with reality. Well, you are wrong this time. You can surely have soft and pinky lips in real life.

Tips For Getting Rid of Chapped Lips
Chapped lips are the biggest nightmare for any woman as they ruin the face beauty. Chapped lips have a layer of dead skin on them and they also develop cracks due to extreme dryness. Women with chapped lips remain extra conscious when it public. They keep on using their tongue to keep their lips wet without realizing the fact that it makes situation worst. Have you ever seen a newborn child? His lips are pink, juicy and extremely soft. Now, you can have lips similar to a new born baby or similar to a rose petal. Yes, I am serious. Following are some of the ways by following which you can permanently get rid of chapped lips.

Apply Vaseline
Vaseline is good for cracked heels and also for chapped lips. It keeps lips moist all the time finally making them soft and pinkish. You should keep Vaseline in your handbag all the time so that you may apply it on lips whenever you feel that they are dry.

Use Castor Oil
If you want faster results then you should start applying castor oil on your lips all the time. Castor oil is extremely good for our lips as it not only make them soft but also juicy and rosy. You can get rid of chapped lips in just 7 days by using castor oil regularly.

Apply Oil
It is generally believed that oils are good for our hair. Oils surely offer unlimited benefits to hair in the form of long, shiny and strong hair but they also offer benefits to our lips. Oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc. do two things. First, they remove the rough and dead layer of skin present on our lips that makes them look ugly and secondly they make lips moisturized. Moisture automatically removes dryness from lips permanently leaving soft, pink and juicy lips forever.

Brushing is Helpful
Make this your habit to brush your lips every time you brush your teeth but do not apply toothpaste on the brush while brushing lips as toothpaste has dangerous chemicals in it that are certainly not good for the lips as they are too sensitive. Here, the question arises, what is the purpose of brushing lips? Brushing not only removes the upper, very thin, rough and dirty layer of skin from lips but it also remove dirt from it. Regular brushing keeps lips clean and soft.

In addition to the above mentioned things, you should also be very careful in the selection of lipstick and other lip products. Also, drink plenty of water.

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