Easy to Follow Steps For Doing Pedicure At Home


An average beauty parlor takes more than $50 in doing a simple pedicure. In addition to this amount, you waste a large amount of money in the form of your precious time as time is also money. Sometimes, you have to wait for several hours just to have a pedicure. If you just like me finds it the most difficult task of the world to wait then I have a better solution for you. Why don’t you do pedicure at home? Do not get shocked as I have not said anything strange. Yes, you can obviously do a self-pedicure at home and good thing is that everything you need for pedicure is already present at your home.

Steps to Follow
Pedicure does not involve any rocket science, anyone can do it. You just need a water tub, shampoo, oil, detergent, lemon juice, pumice stone, nail filer, foot scrub and nail cutter. Following is the step by step overview of pedicure process.

Step 1-Create Pedicure Soak
Start by creating a pedicure soak. Take a water tub and add warm water in it. Water should not be so warm that it damages your feet. Now add a few drops of shampoo, lemon juice, detergent and oil in it. Take any oil such as olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil etc. If you want to get extraordinary results then also add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution in it. Every beautician use these two solutions while creating soak. You can easily find this solution on your neighborhood market.

Step 2-Soak Feet
Soak your feet in water tub for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Let all the things gets absorbed in your feet making the get skin shiny and soft.

Step3- Use Pumice Stone
Now take out your feet from water and dry them with a towel. The next step is to rub pumice stone on your feet especially on your heels in order to remove the dead cells. Continue rubbing it in circular motion for at least a few minutes or unless you feel that dead skin layer has been removed.

Step 4-Apply Scrub
Now, apply scrub on your feet and do a foot message with soft hands. Use the palm of both the hands to massage each foot one by one. Always do the massage in circular motion.

Step5-Trim Your Nails
Now trim your nails and give them shape of your choice by using a nail filer. Be very careful while trimming nails.

Step 6-Apply nail paint:
After this select your favorite nail paint and start applying it on your nails. Always start from center of nails. Make sure that brushstrokes are long enough that you can easily fill nail by moving towards tip. Make sure that nail paint covers all corners of nails. At the end apply top coat to give shine to yours feet.Mostly, girls ignore their nails while doing pedicure at home. It is very wrong to focus only feet skin. Do not ignore your nails while doing pedicure and manicure.

Step 7-Apply a Moisturizer
Our feet may get dry after pedicure so it is very important to apply a moisturizer or petroleum jelly on your feet after doing pedicure.

Make this your habit of doing pedicure every week in order to keep your feet soft and smooth. Pedicure also keeps your heels soft and most importantly it makes you feel relaxed.

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