First you need to wash your hands thoroughly before touching anyone’s skin. Then pick concealer and foundation according to the skin tone and type. Apply concealer on area that has pigmentation and dark spots. Do not forget to apply on and under eyes. It is best to apply concealer with your finger tips. Cover areas thoroughly.Now take a bit of makeup primer and apply it on whole face and neck completely. Then pick foundation according to the skin tone and type and apply it on whole face and neck. The best way to apply foundation is to start from central part of face and apply towards the outer areas.

Foundation layer should be thin near hair line. Apply foundation with appropriate brushes or your finger tips to cover the whole face. Keep blending foundation until it is even toned. Now apply face powder with brush to fix the foundation. Do not make too much whiten or darker the skin as it will not look good in movie or pictures. Purpose of making base is not to make your face white. It is to make it flawless. Give your face a break of 5 minutes to settle the base. Now your base is complete for face makeup.

Step by step Eye Makeup
Choosing colors for eye makeup should be according to the wedding dress. Here I am applying colors of my choice.

Step 1: Apply primer on eye again if needed.

Step 2: Apply primer very well and now apply loose powder on eye to give your eye a fine look.

Step 3: I took a flat eye shadow brush and applied golden metallic bronze eye shadow covering ¾ part of the eye lid.

Step 4: I took another flat brush and applied copper shade on the remaining ¼ part of eyelid. Mix together these two shades on joining point. Mix very well.

Step 5: then I applied a shimmering pink and shade on the crease of my eye. Then I applied shimmering brown color on lower crease of my eye and blended these 2 colors very well together. Then I applied matte brown shade on outer corner of eye crease.

Step 6: then I highlighted the brow bone with vanilla white highlighter and blended it very well.

Step 7: then I applied the copper eye shadow with the lower lash line leaving ¼ inner part of lower lash. Then I applied golden metallic shade on inner part of lower lash. Then I applied a bit of vanilla white highlighter on the area of tear duct mixing it together with upper and lower areas.

Step 8: then I applied cake eye liner with upper lash. I applied black eye pencil in the inner side on eye. And mix it with the corner of eyeliner on upper lash. Then I applied a lot of mascara to make eye lashes thicken. U can give double coat of mascara. If you have short lashes and want to use fake ones. Then apply fake lashes before applying eyeliner. Eye makeup is completed.

Blush on, face contouring
Choose the color according to your skin tone and shade of wedding dress. Apply the blush on towards your temples. Natural pink or brown shades for blush on are always best. Do not apply too much dark. It is to enhance the cheek bone. Contouring gives a proper shape to your face. It basically highlights your facial features.
Everyone does not need contouring. If you have thin face then only blush on is ok for you. Use 2 shades darker powder shade than your skin tone to contour. Use powder based highlighters to highlight the shown areas .This picture best elaborate the technique of contouring.

Lip stick
Apply lip balm on your lips to make them soften then apply lip primer to cover the lines of your lips. Make a boundary line of your lips using lip pencil. Just follow the natural shape of your lips.

Now apply lip color inside of lip line. Apply it very well. Choose any color according to the wedding dress. Now your lips are done.

Makeup fix
Make fix spray is to keep your makeup settled and fresh for hours. Keep spray at least 10 inches away from face and spray it on neck and spray. Let I dry. Your makeup is fixed now.

Hair styling
Many latest and modern hairstyles using flowers are being used these days. Making hairstyles is all the matter of practice. Here I am giving some ideas of bridal hairstyles that you can practice at any one at home before applying on any bride.

These hairstyles look so beautiful. If height of your bride is short then try to make hiked hairstyles.
Using flowers in hairstyles gives it a very good, elegant and stylish look. Using fresh flowers to decorate your hairstyles is a good idea but these days many artificial flowers for decorating your hairs are available in market that look alike real flowers.

Now set dopatta of your bride using a lot of safety pins so that it will be fixed during whole wedding function. Here your bride is ready.

This complete Pakistani bridal makeup Guide will be helpful for you in your beautician career. You will become a professional if you follow these free tips for makeup.

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