Are you seeking to apply for a marriage visa for UK?

There are many expatriates working in the UK who have a fiance in their country of origin. At time, these expatriates may be unable to travel to their home countries to get married with their fiance because of work or visa restrictions.

A marriage visa for the UK is the solution to this problem which involves the fiance traveling to the UK for a brief period to get married with the working expatriate and then returns soon enough to the home country.

If you are one of those fiancé who are planning to get married in the UK when you travel to the UK to meet your spouse, a marriage visa for UK is what you need to have.

There are certain requirements of this type of visa as there are for all other types, which you have to abide by before and duringyour stay in the UK.

One major requirement of this visa is that you should not be planning or willing to stay in the UK permanently after you have been formally married to your spouse in the UK.

  • Other requirements

The other requirements for a marriage visa for the UK include that you should be at least 18 years of age and that you should be willing to stay in the UK for no more than six months, during which you should get married with your spouse.

Also, you should either be able to support yourself from your own funds during your stay as you are not allowed to use public funds when you are on a visit to the UK on a marriage visa.

You are allowed however to seek help from your relatives or other friends who might be willing to accommodate you during the six month validity of the marriage visa.

You should also have the funds to be able to support your travel expenses for the departure as well as the return journey and not seek any financial help from the UK to cover them.

  • Documentation

There are certain documents that you need to show to the immigration officials for your marriage visa.

These include the following:

o   Your valid passport.

o   Two of your recent passport sized colored photographs.

o   Your bank statement of pay slips for the last six months which will be proof that you can support yourself in the six month period you will spend in the UK, as well as your forward and return journey.

o   A detail of the places you will be staying in when you reach the UK such as any hotel or any relatives or friends with whom you have pre-arranged to stay with.

  • Application process

The next step is the application process that you have to undertake to formally apply for a marriage visa for the UK that you seek.

The application for a marriage visa for the UK has to be submitted online.

You will also be required to give in your biometric information for purposes of identification.

This you will do when you appear for your interview which is the last step in the application process.

You will be required to appear at the UK embassy in your country at a specific date and time, which you will be informed of via email so you are advised to check your email regularly.

Be sure to check your junk folder along with your inbox in case the email for the interview call is diverted to your junk or spam folder because of email filters activated by your for incoming emails.

All the documents which are required of you have to be submitted along with your application form in electronic format.

However, you may be required to submit your original visa along with an electronic copy.

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