Are you in need of a transit visa for UK?

Have you ever applied for a transit visa? Have you ever been in need of one? What do you know about transit visas?

A transit visa is basically a visa that you need to have for a country so that you can travel to another country while you are allowed to stay in that country for a brief period of time.

Transit visas are non-immigrant visas awarded to travelers because the intention of the person applying for a transit visa is not to travel to the country whose transit visa is applied for, but to travel to a third country which is the traveler’s actual destination.

  • An example of a transit visa requirement

If you are traveling from China to the USA but your flight is a connecting flight and you therefore have to land in a third country, the United Kingdom, you will be in need of a transit visa for the UK.

Your aircraft may need to refuel there or you may have to catch another airplane from another airline with a few hours stay in the UK and so a transit visa for UK would be applicable for you because you, as a foreign national, would be inside the territory of a foreign country.

You may even intend to travel the transit country when you stay there for a brief period of time.

Many countries require you to have a transit visa only if you plan to stay in the country for a minimum of 24 hours.

However, Singapore is an exception as it requires travelers to have a transit visa for as short as a 4 hour stay in Singaporean territory.

  • Application Process

The application process for a transit visa for UK is more or less the same as for any other type of visa.

You have to fill in the application forms online and submit them with copies of the documents that you are required to attach along with the forms.

Remember to read the instructions for filling out the forms first so that you do not miss out anything important which you have to take stock of.

You are also required to attach your recent photographs and your passport for the processing of your transit visa.

  • Fee

There is also a fee that you have to pay so that your application can be processed. Be advised that although your stay in the UK may be for a very brief period, still, there is quite a lot of processing required at your end, including paying a good load of fee, for acquiring the transit visa.

  • Interview

You even have to attend an interview like you would be required to attend for the country you actually plan to travel to.

After you are done with submitting all the documents that you have to submit, you will then have to wait for an interview call.

You will have to explain why you are traveling to the country and a couple of related questions related to your travel.

  • Award of transit visa

If you are granted the transit visa, you are all good to make your preparations and start your preparations for travel.

However, it is indeed possible that you are denied the transit visa that you seek.

In such a case, you will have to rebook your flight to see if you can get a direct flight to USA such that you do not have to land in the UK.

You will have to see how you can bypass UK, the country you have been denied a transit visa for, by taking some other route to your destined country, the United States.

Maybe you will have to apply for the transit visa of some other country when you change your itinerary or that you will have to think up some other solution to the problem.

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