Approaching the immigration officials for a medical treatment visa for UK

There are many deadly diseases that an individual may be diagnosed with but every country may not have the infrastructure to cure a particular disease which a resident of a country has contracted and therefore has to be treated for it. Also, if treatment is available, it may not be at the level of what are known as best practices such that the patient has to move to another country, for instance the UK, for advanced treatment of the disease.

There are many instances when such a visa maybe required on an urgent basis, depending on the medical condition of the patient who is to have private medical treatment in the UK.

  • Eligibility

To be eligible for a UK medical visa, you need to provide proof to the UK officials that you are in a condition that requires treatment in the UK.

You also need to show proof that you have been getting treatment for your existing medical condition in the recent past along with receipts showing proof of payment for the same.

Moreover, you have to show that you have sufficient funds available with you which will allow you to be treated in the expensive hospitals in the UK, such as a bank statement.

In addition, you also need to affirm with medical proof that you are not diagnosed with an infectious disease which will make you a danger for the public in the UK such that your disease is transmitted to them as you move around in the public arenas.

  • Application Process

The application process for a medical visa for the UK involves applying online over the World Wide Web as this is the only means allowed for applying for a medical visa.

There is a long list of documents which you must submit when applying for a medical visa and these can be submitted online too.

o   The documents include:

o   Your passport and other relevant travel documents

o   Your recent photograph which should be passport size, and in color

o   Your Tuberculosis test results if you hail from the list of countries for whose citizens it is mandatory to submit their TB test when applying for a UK visa

o   Your bank statement for the past six months which will act as proof of your financial health


  • Time Penalty for applying for the medical treatment visa for UK

The time penalty for applying for a medical visa for the UK is 3 weeks but you are advised that you have the option to apply for the visa as early as 3 months before your intended date of departure for the UK.

However, since the time taken can vary from one country to another so, it is best that you check the guide processing times to ascertain how long exactly will it take the immigration officials to inform you of their decision in the country you are based in.

  • Fee and stay period for a medical visa for the UK

There is a processing fee of 83 pounds for a medical visa but again, this am y also vary from one country to another.

The time period that a patient is allowed to stay in the UK for his medical treatment is 6 months by default.

If your medical condition does not stabilize in 6 months and you need more time for your check-up, then, you can extend your visa and stay in the UK for an additional time period.

However, you will need solid medical proof from your medical practitioner to present to the immigration officials that you need to stay in the UK for additional medical treatment which you require.

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