Canada temporary work visa

Canada is a fantastic and financially stabled country of the first world. This is situated in the continent of North America. Canada inhabitants are living in comfortable environment where they have all modern facilities as well good jobs with handsome salaries. There are different ways to visit this country or living in this country. The immigrants from other countries of the world can live here permanently as an immigrant,

but in some case people want to live in this country for the time being. In case an individual want to work in this country, but do not reside here permanently, then he needs to apply for temporary work visa. The temporary works visa permits the visa holder to live and work in this country for a limited time. Moreover, he has a plan to go back his native country after the maturity of this temporary works visa. In this way the temporary work visa for Canada can be secured through a valid job offer from Canadian employer. After, getting the job offer from the Canadian employer the temporary work visa applicant will submit an application in Canadian embassy of his native country.
There is a little restriction for this temporary works visa. It is necessary for the work visa applicant that he must ensure the authorities that he will leave the country after expiry of this work visa. He will ensure and prove that he will support himself and his dependant during their stay in this country. Moreover, the work visa holder will financially support his family members if they are with them. The temporary works visa applicant will prove that he is in good physical status and medically fit. Moreover, he has a good moral record and there is nothing against him in his country. The temporary works visa holder cannot work in this country for more than four years. The interested candidate for this temporary works visa can apply from inside the country as well as outset the country. The applicants who are applying from their belonging country then have to approach Canadian visa officer in Canada embassy of his belonging country. The temporary works visa application along with all relevant documents must be submitted in Canadian embassy for further process.
In case the temporary work visa applicant is in Canada on work permit or on study visa. Similarly, the applicant is living with spouse or parents and if the applicant has just completed his education from this country. Or the applicant is on temporary resident permit that contain six months validity and all these case the applicant for the temporary work visa can apply from Case Processing Centre- Vegreville (CPC-Vegreville). The followings are some professions or jobs which do not require prior job offer letter from Canadian government as well as do not need temporary work visa. The official occupations which are enlisted in this category are professional athletes, clergy, examiners, emergency aid workers, foreign government officials, news related person, military personnel, public speakers or performing artists. At the time of application submission it is necessary for the applicant that he can attach supporting documents which can enhance success rate of this application. Similarly, temporary work visa processing fee deposit receipt should be attached with application.
On receiving your temporary work visa application in Canadian embassy and the process starts with the interview of the applicant in Canadian embassy. The interview is usually conducted by the Canadian immigration official. The embassy will also instruct the applicant that he must a clear his medical examination and this way takes some time. Initially the letter of introduction is issued from the immigration officer. On arrival in Canada the work visa applicant present his letter and then authorities will release work visa. There will be some limits for foreign employee on this temporary works visa like the visa holder will work with specific employer, specific time and on a particular location.
Canada temporary work visa requirements
The temporary work visa for Canada is issued for a specific time and after that visa holder will return to his native country. This official document provides a proof of living and working in this country for a limited time. In Canada, the provinces are free about the laws so there are different rules in different provinces of Canada regarding temporary work visa. There are few basic requirements for this temporary works visa which must be fulfilled by the work visa applicant. 
1. The temporary works visa holder must have valid passport and other travelling documents.
2. Recent two passport sized color pictures of the visa applicant.
3. Job offer letter from Canadian employer or company. 
4. Attested copies of all academic documents including degree, certificate and diplomas. 
5. Health fitness certificate from the recognized hospital or clinic. 
6. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the temporary work visa applicant.


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