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Canada is located in the continent of North America and it is a civilized country of the world. This country is the prime destination of the world immigrants because of large jobs opportunities and living standards. The employees from other countries also try to land in this country for the best jobs opportunities and handsome salary packages. However, this country strictly follows the rules and regulations set by the federal

government and provincial government. There are few basic rules and regulations regarding the employments in this country. Canada imposes some basic rules and regulation for both employees and employers. These rules must be obeyed by both parties. These rules are designed from provincial governments and federal government. The labor and employer laws are implemented for the betterment of this employment process. These rules are designed for companies, organizations, employers and employees. The rules and regulations are changes with the passage of time and it is an important responsibility of the employees and employer to update him regarding any change. It is also vital for the employer that they have to obey the prevailing rules of the employment. In case of disobeying the rules and regulation of employment the federal or provincial government takes action. 
Canada emphasized the companies and an organization that they do not provide employment to illegal employees. They have to offer jobs only legal and eligible employees with relevant experience and qualification. It is necessary for the employees that they have to disclose their passport, birth certificate, national identity card or any other official document. It is the responsibility of the employee that he has to prove his nationality, eligibility and other requirements. The employer or companies in Canada assists the employees in arranging work visa prior to enter in this country. However, the close neighbor like the United States and Mexico national have different criteria to enter in this country because of NAFTA membership. In Canada, it is necessary for the employers that they have to follow the prevailing rules and regulations. It is compulsory for the companies or factories that they must provide safe workplace to employees and failure in this the authorities close the company. It is also compulsory for the employer that he must pay the salary package and other benefits to employee. The safety rules must be strictly followed by the employer and employee during the duty hours.
Canadian rules and regulation bound the employer to pay the salary and other benefits according to the given criteria. Employer also ensures that the salaries must not be under the prevailing status of the country. Similarly the employer is also responsible for this that he must pay the pension according to the scale and status of the employee's position. It is also vital for the employees that they must provide all required documents and required information. The employee must provide his original valid identify card, valid driving license, valid passport and work visa permit. It is also compulsory for the employee that he must provide tax reference, social security reference and insurance details. In this way the employer correctly deduct the taxes and other general deductions. The organization or company provides full details of the fire regulations and health safety guidance. The employees have to understand the prevailing rules and regulation for their own safety. The employees must follow the safety rules and protection measures during the job at workplace. The safety officer strictly bound the employees to follow the safety instructions. It is also compulsory for the employer that he must provide comfortable working environment that should be safe for the workers.
General jobs rules in Canada. 
Canada is the most cultured and civilized country of the world and has a complete guideline for the employers and employees. The followings are some basic and fundamental rules and regulation about the jobs. Canada demands valid work visa from the employees prior to enter in this country. The employer usually arrange work visa for the employees before entering in this country. The employer provides job offer letter that the legal document to enter in this country along with valid work visa. The contract letter must have the nature of job that is going to offer the employee, its salary package, working hours, provided facilities and other benefits. 
1. The employer must leave the country after the expiry of his work visa. Canada has strict rules regarding illegal employment and this country does not allow the workers after expiry or maturity of their work visa. 
2. It is also necessary for the employees that he must obey the laws of this country and do not involve in criminal activities. Canada also demands police clearance certificate from the worker prior to enter in this country. 
3. The employees should be in good health and stamina to do the assigned jobs.


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