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Canada world top ranked country according to economy and living standard. This country has a vast area and covered with forests and high mountains. This country has natural beauty and has the best infrastructure. The country has good jobs opportunities not for the native, but the foreign residents living hers as an immigrant. Canada has the best views and scenery for the tourists and visitors.

The tourists, visitors and other state guests accommodate in top class hotels and restaurants. Although Canada has a long chain of hotels in entire country, but there are fantastic and world class hotels in these cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, etc. Canada has fantastic top ranked hotels which offer amazing services. These hotels in Canada often advertise its jobs in leading newspapers and online websites. This hospitality industry is a large industry in terms of numbers of hotels and jobs. There are different ways to get these jobs in hotels in Canada, usually the skilled and qualified individuals apply though online or through courier service. Hotels normally hire different categories people from kitchen to reception and executive of the hotels. However, all jobs are filled with relevant qualification and experience. 
Hotel jobs category in Canada 
Canada hotels offer different types of jobs from the reception office to executive office. Similarly, these jobs are also from kitchen to dining halls. The standard hotel usually advertises the followings jobs for the skilled and qualified employees. The common jobs in hotel are hotel manager, receptionist, event planner, chef, housekeeper, porter, waiter, driver, security guard, etc. the followings are some key position in hotel and they have their own responsibilities according to designation and qualification. 
1. Hotel general Manager.
The hotel general manager or in some hotels there is manager is responsible that the hotel is running smoothly and there is no disturbance or mismanagement. Manager interact with regular guests, managing teams, oversees the finance and other internal matters of the hotels. The hotel manager always mange the hotel system with his available staff and team. The requirement for hotel manager is usually degree in hotel management, business management, hospitality, business administration or commerce. Similarly, relevant experience is also necessary for the hotel manager jobs. It is necessary for the hotel manager that he has good communication skills, management skills and personal qualities like honesty and punctuality. In Canada, there are different hotels and have advertised their manager jobs in newspapers.
2. Event Planner.
Hotels also provide space for different events or functions like wedding and birthday parties. The event planner arranges events and mange the whole event for the parties. Event planner estimates the expenditures, provide suggestions and information related to that particular function. The event planner usually has degree or certification in business management or event planning or public relation. Canada hotels offer such types of jobs in their hotels, but prefers experience candidate. 
3. Executive chef and chef jobs.
These jobs are usually not in front of the public, but working behind the wall. They play a key role in preparing dishes and foods for the guests. The executive chef monitor the kitchen activities and the chef prepare different dishes for the guests. The chef usually experts in continental, Chinese, Italian and native dishes. The executive chef makes details of dishes and prepares customer orders and inspects the kitchen regularly. It is necessary for the executive chef and chef that they must have relevant diploma in food or certification in dishes. 
4. Housekeeper jobs.
The housekeeper is responsible for cleanliness in hotel and related rooms. The housekeeper also clean and maintain the common areas of the hotel. They arrange bends, decorate rooms and mange other relevant things. This job demands well physique and strong stamina. There is no specific qualification required, but experience is necessary for this job. Canada hotels offer handsome salary package for this job.
5. Porter jobs.
Porter takes the luggage of the guests from the vehicles to their related rooms and from the rooms to vehicles. In hotel porters play an important role and some time porter also handle parking areas. The porter job demands strong physique and good stamina.
6. Waiter and waitress jobs
Waiter and waitress perform their duties in restaurants, bars, casinos and other serving areas of the hotel. The waiters directly take orders from the guests, place the orders in the kitchen, serve the foods and beverages. Similarly, take payment from the guests to accountant. Although there is no specific qualification for this position, but it is necessary for the waiters that they must have good communication skills and physique. It is also important that the waiters should have good memory to remember the orders and faces of the customers.
7. Receptionist jobs.
The receptionist job is common and necessary for every hotel. The receptionist welcomes the guests and guides them towards their rooms or dining hall. Receptionist also coordinates among the offices and maintains the record. The receptionist jobs in Canada demands degree or certification in hospitality or public relation.

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