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Canada is developed, civilized and cultural country of the first world. This country is full of natural resources as well as has huge industrial network. Canada has huge exports to other region of the world and that is why this country inducts skilled and qualified workers. There are a large number of jobs opportunities for the native and overseas people in different sectors. This country has fantastic jobs and an amazing salary

packages along with other facilities. The salaries of the employees in this country are marvelous. Canada advertises its vacant position in different leading newspapers as well as in online websites along their salary packages. However, there few sectors in which employees get more salary packages than the other like mining industry, forestry management and petroleum industries offers handsome salaries. The forest management and mining management gets excellent salaries as compare to other sectors in Canada. The salaries are awarded according to the position and qualification of the employers. The key position in this country offers salaries around $108,000 per year. The executives in forestry and mining departments get handsome salaries. The mining consultants or geologists also get good salary packages and this salary is the best than many other professions.
The engineering jobs in this country also provide the best salary packages. The engineering jobs are usually required in industries and constructions or building infrastructures. Similarly the human resources officer is also included in highly paid jobs in Canada, but this position demands relevant qualification and experience of this filed. The human resources officers are usually hired by the all offices and industries as well as companies for the strict management. The private sector also hire human resources person in their institutes and an organization for enhancing performance of the employees.
The managerial position in different offices and organization also offers handsome salaries and other packages. The managers also inducted by both private and public sector for proper and smoothly running the business. The manager's qualification should be graduation, but the human resource person should have graduation to fulfill the requirement of this country along with experience. The medium salary for these jobs is about $30,000, but the high ranked office or organization pay more than this figure or usually in six digits. The HR jobs are the best in this country, but require relevant degree and experience.
The other sector in Canada is higher education in which people get more salaries packages. The university degree holder in this country can get the jobs in colleges as well as in universities and secure more salary packages than other professions. Canadian universities always pick more qualified and experience university teachers from the available talented individuals.
This sector is highly paid sector in Canada and the average salary in higher education department is about $85,000 per year. Similarly, the medical profession and business administration also offers handsome salary packages with other facilities. In Canada, hospital and clinics offers well salary packages. In private sector the medical professionals like doctors, pharmacists, nurses, paramedic's staff, physiotherapists and other related people earn more salaries.
However, in medical profession the individual's needs profession qualification and relevant experience. The medical doctor needs master in medicine, physiotherapists requires diploma or certification, nurses requires degree in nursing from recognized institute. Dentist earns more than other medical professionals; similarly, dental technicians also get handsome salaries from the hospitals and private clinics. Nursing from reputation medical schools and experience earns more money from this country.
The pharmacist's jobs also highly paid job in Canada.
In Canada the nursing profession is more demanded and earned a high salary that is about $60,000 from initial stages and later it increases more than this. However, nurses must be equipped with four years nursing degree from the recognized and registered nursing school. The marine engineers are highly paid job in this country and the average salary for this job in Canada is about $80,000. Similarly, the other engineering categories like petroleum engineering and bio-mechanics also earn more than some other professions.
To secure the top ranking job in this country it is necessary that the applicant must have professional degree and with relevant experience. The medical profession, engineers, human resource person, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, bio technician and some other are highly paid jobs in Canada. In business sector or commercial sectors there are various professional jobs those offers excellent salaries like account manager job. The account managers are usually had the commerce or business back ground with business management sciences or business administration degrees.
The banks are usually hiring these account managers to maintain the accounts. The business management consultants are hired by the big commercial firms and companies for the management of their business management matters. The business management consultant job is also fantastic and highly paid in this part of the world.


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